Finishing up week 1

  • Just finishing up week 1 and feeling great! My pants are already starting to move lower on my waist and hips! I feel stronger and lighter! Im so glad to be on this program. Im having a little bit of a hard time with eating only 6 meals a day. I tend to get hungry around 8-9 pm and my 6th meal usually happens around 6 pm, so that seems to be my only problem. Hit my high point with jogging today and thought I was going to die but pushed past level 9 to level 10. My self control felt a little stronger by the end of my workout! :) Hope everyone is doing well with their programs!!!

  • Congrats on making it thus far!  I'm impressed you are already seeing results. Understand you probably won't see the same big loses every single week and that's ok, over 12 weeks you will transform! Keep up the great work.

  • I was just reading about how women see big changes in week 8 so Ive been setting my focus on these next 7 weeks as being more foundational than anything. Thanks for the response and the encouragement!!

  • Prepare your mind for the full 12 weeks and setting expectations, but physically attack every week like its your last! No excuses, nothing can stop you except you!