No junk food

  • Hi all,

    I like Porter Freeman's confession about junk food. For me it is not so much the working out but not eating sugar when I am really tiered. I am going on for my doctorate, working full time and doing the challenge. I started the 30th of June. I have not had any junk food - a big yea - it feels great. I will continue along these lines.

    I did eat more than one serving of sunflower seeds - so today it is another commitment - clamping down on the portion control. So today the 8th of July I now have two commitment - no junk food and portion control. I have lost 2 pounds in one week - this is good - now to keep it going.

    Good luck to all those who dare to take on the challenge



  • Two great goals!!!  Congrats on the 2#s; keep up the great work!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"