Are there "Newbie" Communities On This Site?

  • I'm about to start the sixth week of my second Challenge and I'd like to share what I'm learning with other people who are new to the BfL lifestyle, as well as learn from them.  Additionally, I quit my first Challenge toward the first of the year after receiving some arrogant, judgmental, condescending and completely unsupportive "advice" from someone who fancied himself quite the BfL guru, which really turned me off the BfL site as I've found the BfL community . . . shall we say, sometimes less than supportive of those of us who are new to this?  It took me six months to find the courage to start a new challenge.

    What I want is to provide support and encouragement to others who are new rather than experiencing the arrogance and condescension and lack of help and support I've experienced.  Is there a place on this website where I can connect with other BfL "Newbies" and share what I'm learning (and learn from them, too) in a supportive, encouraging environment?

  • There is no specific thread for "newbies".  I like to think most people are supportive of one another.  I haven't been turned off by anyone yet, but that's just my experience.  I'm sorry to hear you haven't had the same experience.  Where I consider myself to be a veteran BFL'er, I try to help everyone, regardless of experience level, if I think I can help.  Best of luck to you and I hope you have a more positive experience.