Starting on 7/8/2013

  • I did BFL in 1999 but did not submit the story and photos then. I was successful then and looking forward to doing it again. After 13 years my weight has gone up and down like a yo yo and every time I would diet I would remember the great success I had on BFL. I remember how great I felt after the 12 weeks and I could go to the beach with my shirt off. My cholesterol was low and I had tons of energy. 

    Currently at 5' 11" 227lbs and this is less than I was when I started before but I feel terrible. Totally lethargic with high cholesterol. Also having sleep issues and snoring so bad I can't sleep with my wife most nights.

    Looking forward to solving all these problems with the BFL program because I know it works. Joined the gym today and ordered some protein products I used I before (Myoplex Lite) and some protein bars.

  • I just completed a Challenge at the end of June and will be beginning my next one on the 8th!  Best of luck to you!


  • Thanks Mike

  • I did the challenge in 2000 and was a finalist.  It was the greatest success story of my life.  Since then I gained all the weight back plus an additional 25 pounds.  I started back on the program in January.  I have lost 25 pounds and am now at a weight where I can compete and get to the result I desire.

    I, too, remember how great I felt.  I am excited and focused to be at the top of my game again.  My start date is 7/8/13.

    Stay focused!!  


  • Also starting on 7/8/2013. I have had great success with the challenge in the past as well. I have tried many different diets and exercises since, and nothing works like the BFL plan. Thus, here I am...a returning customer. Let's do this, people!


  • Also starting tomorrow.  I haven't done the prep work yet(photos, measurements, etc)  but hopefully will catch up tomorrow.  Good luck to all

  • I'm doing great so far!  It's actually been 2 hours and 15 minutes since I began.  Hope I can keep up this momentum.    Best of luck to each of you other newbies as we tackle this life changing endeavor.

  • Glad to hear you had a good start Vicki!  I had a great UBWO this morning.  Felt great to get back into the gym after a week away.  Definitely have some soreness in the arms, but that's okay, I know my body will recover.  If you're beginning for the first time, the soreness will be rougher for the first week or two, but it does get better!!!  Once you've done your workout, focus on 6 clean meals for the day.  Use your portion sizes and don't forget to drink water!!!  Hope everyone has a great Monday!


  • I started July 7.  THis is my first time doing BFL.  This is day 2 and I did upper body at the gym and my arms feel like jelly.  I know I will be sore tomorrow.  I am very excited about this program.  I hope it really does work.  I am a pretty motivated person and I don't have trouble sticking to stuff (I ran 3 half marathons last year).  I haven't looked good since I had children 14 years ago (UGH!).  I have tried "everything".  But nothing seems to work for me.  I started running because I wanted that sleek runners body and I was running 30 miles a week and I gained weight.  I have never lifted weights so I hope that this with the healthy eating and the 20 min hiit cardio works for me.  I still run so I hope that doesn't interfere.  I am not running 30 miles a week anymore but I do about 20.  Does anyone know if you can do too much cardio?  

  • I've read more than once that distance running and the BFL program will not work well together.  If you're hitting your 10's, I would think running 20 miles a week on top of that would be extremely taxing on your body and would hinder muscle growth.  Remember, it's not the quantity of cardio that's important, it's the type and quality. 

    Doesn't mean that they won't work together for you, but we know that BFL - as written - works.  We have thousands of success stories to prove that.  Distance running along with BFL, you're trying a different program that may work and may not.

  • Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope the start of your challenges have gone well! I started on the 7th so up to day three, and im going strong! Just had a great LBWO and am already feeling the benefits of eating right! Keep us posted on your progress.... it will only get easier! :)

  • Hope everyone is doing well on this Tuesday.  I started the morning with an ab workout and then did my 20 minute HIIT cardio.  Felt good to get back into some cardio...first cardio I've done in 8 days.  My kids have had colds the last week, and I feel a little sluggish this morning, with a slight sore throat, so I'm hoping I'm not getting it.  I started taking Airborne, and I'm sucking down water, trying to drown it out.  Don't need a cold in Week 1 of a Challenge!!!  Eating yesterday went well.  Made plenty of dinner last night, so I'll be having leftovers for lunch today.  Plan to do the same thing tonight.  Let's hear how everyone is doing!


  • I wish I could say I had a good tuesday  Did my upper body yesterday, went swimming last night ( for the first time this yr).  Was a little sore, more so than I thought I would  So no cardio this morning, but it is so hot and muggy today...sounds like another dip in the pool for me tonight...LOL!

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Welcome everyone, glad to see so many people starting and doing the challenge at the same time.