Free Day revelation

  • So here I am, in the middle of my free day and I am coming to the revelation that free days serve more than one purpose. I know that they allow you to eat those things that you really yearn for all week without feeling bad. But after indulging today, I am appreciating that I don't indulge like I use to on a regular basis. I feel pretty awful right now!!! In the span of my day, I ate clean for breakfast (yogurt, cottage cheese and strawberries), had 2 tamales for lunch, 3 lumpia at my daughter's gymnastics meet and 3 pieces of pizza and salad with ranch for dinner. WHOA is my tummy not happy with me right now!!!!!!! So I am realizing that free days are also about learning your limitations and weighing your options. Thinking that a free meal may be better than a whole free day for me. Actually looking forward to getting back to my clean diet tomorrow and knowing how much better I am going to feel!

    The only thing that can stop me. . . . . . . . . . is ME!!!!         JEN

  • I've said this before, I really wonder, when Bill Phillips put in the book that we could eat whatever we want on free day, if he knew very few people could actually do it and not have an issue. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • It is obvious that my body is fueled much better by healthy food!!!! It certainly is letting me know what it thinks of the stuff I have chosen to fuel it with today. Nice reminder though! Will keep me motivated to continue the healthy life I have chosen.

    The only thing that can stop me. . . . . . . . . . is ME!!!!         JEN

  • If you read what he wrote in the Eating for Life book, it is clear that he NOW knows that free day should be more about learning to eat favorite things appropriately rather than a gluttonous plunge that causes people with eating disorders and sugar addictions to resume their old destructive habits. I think Bill has not had that big a problem with overeating in his life though he has struggled with other things according to his writings on T. com.  So whether he or any of us understood the true implications of the so called "free" day it is not clear.