2013 Summer Challengers

  • Been a while since I've checked forum, but looks like everyone is practicing "positive patterns" of action and it's only a matter of time for the progress to appear mentally, physically and spiritually.  Day 21 for me and the weekend was a success.  Today we hiked the Cascades in the Blue Ridge Mountains and hubby and I choose the "challenging" trail.  It was challenging, but I couldn't help but feel grateful that at the ages of 55 and 60, we both have the health and stamina to enjoy hiking mountains!  I have BFL to thanks for that because I've not strayed too far in the exercise component since completing 1st one in 2002.  Of course, nutrition is usually the area that most of us struggle with...so here I am.  I've lost about 3 pounds but more importantly, have been following directions which always boosts my confidence.  

    God bless and keep up the great work!

  • Just checking in real briefly...had a very generous helping of pizza as my final free meal for the day. Ugh. May have overdone it. Stomach has shrunk, or my food tastes are changing? Feel sick. And so thirsty, I'm guzzling loads of water. Need something to wash all that cheese and bread down!

    Check in tomorrow!


  • Happy Monday everyone!  Hope everyone is having a great and healthy day!  Started the day off with a great UBWO to get me going for the week.  Had free day yesterday, and probably overdid it as normal, but hey, that's how I choose to spend my free day.  Still lost 1 1/2 pounds last week, so I was happy with that.  Now it's back to the healthy stuff for another 6 days!  Took Week 4 pictures yesterday and can definitely see some improvements, though they're not as prominent now that I'm getting lower in weight.  Oh well, as long as I keep on going, life will be good!  School inservice started today, and had multiple people tell me how good I look.  Feels good to have people noticing the changes!  They all want to know what I'm doing.  I tell them about the program, but I haven't had any takers yet.  Oh well, I'll keep doing it...it works!


  • Starting Week 3, and I am not imagining it, MY BACK FAT ROLLS ARE GETTING SMALLER!!

    (Nothing much more unflattering on a woman than back fat rolls. Just sayin'.)


  • Laura, not for nothin' (as we say in the Bronx), but them back fat rolls aren't a real coveted feature with us guys either!

    Stop and think and savor that accomplishment a moment.  Three weeks, you focused, worked hard, and you are getting the result.  You are becoming what you want to be through your own effort!  Congratulations!

  • Just started a new challenge yesterday and looking for team mates. I had a great experience doing this in 2010 but got lazy. So I am starting all over again!

    Wishing everyone a great week!

  • Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!  Day 30 today for me!  Had a great cardio.  Legs felt a little heavy for the first 10 minutes but did better the last 10 minutes.  Eating has gone well for me yesterday and so far today.  

    Junibird, we're all at different points on this thread, and we welcome everyone.  The thread was started for anyone doing BFL over the summer, as a lot of other people had appeared to disappear from the threads we were originally posting in prior to summer.  Good luck on your challenge!  

    Congrats Laura on the lack of back fat!  Glad you're seeing positive changes!  Little by little, your body will continue to change.  Great feeling!!!


  • Hi all,

    Been a little under the weather, just thought I'd check in. Major fail on the workouts the past few days. At least my eating has been almost 100% on.

    Had a second interview today for a job which is clearly a promotion but that I'm not sure I want. The anixiety has been eating me alive and messing up my sleep/appetite patterns. I feel like I've had a migraine for two days straight.

    I must say it is a real blessing that I have the ability to agonize over the interview and how I did and if I even want the position because I am already employed - I know there are many people out there still desperate for work.  

    It'll clear up in a day or two when I hear the news, either way.

    Til then,


  • Happy Friday everyone!  Teacher inservice week has been kind of crazy, so I haven't had much time to get on the forum.  I have got in all my workouts this week, and eating has been spot on, so no problems with the challenge this week.  Just a lot of meetings once I get to work.  Next week, students come back so I can settle back into my routine in the classroom, which I enjoy much more.  Not sure how this week will show on the scale, but it doesn't really matter at this point to me.  What matters is that I'm eating clean and getting my workouts in.  The scale will eventually do its thing.  I know I have more energy now than anytime in the past few years, so I'm happy about that.  Finishing up Week 5, before charging into Week 6!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  • Hello there,

    Haven't dropped out on you guys, just had a long weekend and then an absolutely exhausting day today, been out of the house from 4:30am until 10:30pm. Two unplanned meals today, was on the road. Will update you again soon.

    A very tired,


  • It's been going well the past few days.  Got in my legs workout yesterday and a cardio today.  Eating going well.  Lost a pound last week, and since I'm getting closer to my goal weight, I'm fine with that.  As I've said in the past, it really doesn't matter to me right now, in regards to weekly results, because I know if I keep going with workouts and proper eating, the results will come.  I tried on a pair of 32 jeans on Sunday, and to my delight, they fit comfortably.  So that has pretty much made my week.  32 pants was a part of my ultimate goal, and I've reached that particular goal.  Just keep charging and hitting it hard!!!


  • Hello!

    Today is...Day 30, I think?

    I failed to go to the gym this morning, and for a good portion of last week too. A vicious cycle - you miss one day, and it seems harder to get up the next one. I'm trying a new tactic, starting tonight. I'm going to try going to the gym around 10pm and instead of trying to force myself to get up at 4am, and I will now allow myself to sleep in until 5 or 5:30 (5:30 is the latest I can get up and still make my commuter bus.) The downside is that there is usually so much left to do at the end of the day, I feel panic even at 10pm, but it's worth a try.

    Glad to see all is well!

    Congrats on the jeans, Mike! You know, I would LOVE to fit into a size 32 jeans. :) I've started this challenge with a 37" waist!


  • Good morning everyone!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!  Started out the day with a great UBWO.  Changed up some exercised today to shock the muscles, and my body tells me that they definitely received some shocking. :)  Eating has gone well this week, and I have no complaints with the program.  Week 6 is halfway over.  Can't believe I'm almost halfway finished with another challenge.  Time flies when we're having fun.

    Laura, I started BFL in January with a 42" waist, and a 46" belly, so it's definitely possible to lose both simply by following the program!  Keep on charging, and you'll see the results!!


  • Good morning everyone ... Its been a while since I've posted on here, but I wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing ...

    I'm still holding strong - I'm in week four of my first challenge.  I've tried and failed to get through a challenge before, but I know I will get through this one ... the longest I've made it is four weeks, but I can say this - even then I did not see the results I'm seeing this time around.  

    I'm taking pictures on Sunday, but I can see a difference in my body and I definitely feel it.  I'm trying not to obsess with numbers because it was part of the reason I stopped doing my previous challenges, so I'm not weighing daily or taking measurements weekly and I'm only taking measurements in my neck, chest, waist at the bellybutton and hips.  I'm wearing a shirt I couldn't wear 4 weeks ago without my stomach hanging out at the bottom, I did two full push-ups - couldn't even plank 4 weeks ago, I've increased my free weights, I don't get winded walking up the stairs, my back and ankles don't hurt like they used too, I sleep better, I'm not constantly bloated.  There have been so many changes in these four weeks - there is no way I can stop now.  I'm relying on pictures moreso than anything else, so I'm excited to see what my 4 week progress pics will look like on Sunday.

    I hope this post encourages everyone.  Just so you know, I am a 29 year old female, 5'4, and started at 279 lbs wearing a size 20/22.  Look out for my updated stats on Sunday :-)  

    If I can do it anyone can ...

  • Happy Thursday everyone!  Had a great cardio this morning after my abs workout.  Walked away from it sweating like crazy!  Didn't break any records, but it was a top quality cardio workout.  Eating continues to go well for me.  About to enjoy some grilled chicken with brown rice and broccoli for lunch.  My mouth is almost watering already!  

    Congratulations CWords on your success.  I'm sure you'll enjoy the changes you see in the 4 week pictures.  They only get better!  Just keep it up, so we can celebrate with you at the finish line!  

    Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!