2013 Summer Challengers

  • Hi all,

    Day 11! Today wasn't a top day for me, but still okay all things considered. I went to bed exhausted last night and my body would just not cooperate with me this morning to get up, it was like it belonged to someone else! This happens to me at least once a week because I know I don't get enough sleep between all of my various work, school, relationship, and service dog puppy raising commitments (and my almost 3 hours of commuting to work every day!) I still got up in time to do half of my workout, and that's as good as it is going to get for me today.

    Eating was great, I completely blew off the cookies in our staff meeting this morning and the leftover cake from a retirement party this afternoon. Dinner with friends was a perfectly acceptable 1/2 sandwich and 1/2 salad and diet soda and an apple for "dessert" at Panera.

    It sounds like everyone is doing good - lots of intense workouts all around, huh? Congrats to everyone else for their hard word and inspiring comments. :)

    Check in later!


  • Happy Saturday everyone!  Just finished my last cardio of the week, and it was by far my best cardio of the week.  Slept 10 1/2 hours last night, so I'm definitely rested!  One of the things I need to work on a little more is getting more sleep.  I've been getting to bed too late, so I think that's one of the things that's effecting my progress too.

    My body is sore as can be today from yesterday's UBWO.  Woke up and felt like I had been run over.  Traps hurt, triceps hurt, chest is sore...back is even a little sore which never seems to happen.  I knew I hit it good yesterday, but I didn't think it was this good.  Now I just eat clean for the day and enjoy my time off from the gym until Monday morning!!!  Always love the feeling when you finish that last workout for the week.  So much to celebrate!  Get a day off from the gym; another week of the Challenge is complete and I survived; free day coming up!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  • Day 12!

    No workout this morning...my service dog puppy got me up at 6:24am and that it was a whirlwind day of laundry, house cleaning, dog training, birthday brunch for my fiance's dad at Denny's (my fiance had an egg white omelet, I had a plain chicken salad) then my Saturday internship, then 4 hours of upcoming job interview prep. I'll plan on getting my workout in tomorrow morning!

    Eating was good today, lots of protein shakes and vegetables.

    In other news, my knee seems to have gotten much better on its own. I can't believe how I take being pain-free for granted. I think I'll be more grateful from now on.

    Take care all, check in later!


  • Day 13! Had a wonderful free meal - my third and final one for the week -  tonight at a fancy smokehouse BBQ place. In the two weeks I've been doing BFL, I've noticed a change in my appetite. I was at this same smokehouse three weeks ago and I ate all of my side dish which came with my entree, and most of a plate of dessert. Tonight I touched only half of my side dish and didn't feel like I had room for the dessert, even though i could have eaten it as part of my "free" meal. That's progress.

    See you tomorrow!

  • Happy Monday morning everyone!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I enjoyed my free day yesterday (probably too much) so I was ready to get back into the swing of things this morning.  Started the week off with a  LBWO, which went really well.  I was pretty intense this morning, so I really have no complaints about how it went.  Had a solid breakfast to begin my day, and here I am, continuing on as normal!  Lost 2 pounds last week, so I was happy with the results of my efforts.  Slowly inching down to my goal weight!  My goal at the beginning of the year was to hit my goal weight by Christmas.  I definitely think that's doable.  Still have 23 pounds to go, but I think I can do it.  Much better than the 70+ I had at the beginning of this year!  Hope everyone has a great day!!!


  • Hey Everyone,

    My weekend was a complete bust, I ate way to much - I had a Free Weekend instead of a Free Day ... I feel awful about it, but I'm back on track.  Crazy thng is I still managed to lose 2.4 lbs and half an inch on my stomach ... I'm not sure I want to track weight/inches every week ... I need to get a handle on my free day big time ... glad its only the beginning of week two.

  • Hey!

    Day 14!

    Got my workout in this morning (it still amazes me I'm getting up half way through the night to work out - 4am).

    Meals were pretty good today, except my dinner was terrible - tilapia and salad - complete fail! Threw most of it out. May have a snack later tonight.

    Check in tomorrow! Take it easy, all!


  • Happy Tuesday everyone!  Hope everyone is doing well.  I started the day rocking the cardio.  It just felt right this morning, and it went awesome.  Funny, because last Tuesday was the complete opposite.  Funny how some days, your body has it, and other days, it just doesn't feel like it's there.  I've been trying to get more sleep, so that may have something to do with it.  Slept solid last night.  Had a good day of eating yesterday, and did some active work in the yard after work.  Felt great.  Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  • @susan...MJelly said it...don't let anyone intimidate you!  You should be proud, focus on where you want to be and I can guarantee that if anything, people are saying, look at her go.  You're inspiring others!  I'm 42 as well and started out by focusing on the weight training in the book and on-line.  Pick a few to start so you get the hang of it, then mix it up as you go.  I ended up paying for a few sessions for a trainer who was very helpful in giving me other ways to work out certain areas.  

    I've read more posts than I've written but since you opened this up LiL Caity, I have about 1.5 weeks left of C1.  I cannot begin to tell you the amazing, awesome, incredible and energetic feelings I have.  It's not that I didn't struggle as I had missed days, didn't eat right all the time, and continue to put one teaspoon of sugar in my 1 cup of coffee in the morning, but for the all the days and good meals I have had, there IS a difference.

    My journey started when I was visiting my parents and realized how much they had aged.  My Dad has always been very active and is now 77 years old!  I have seen a decline but he still shoots hoops, hits the speed bag, etc.  My Mom, on the other hand, has made about every excuse in the book to why her pants don't fit, has bought every exercise gadget that apparently will work while sitting in a closet, and will say she's not hungry then eat after everyone else.  Mind you, she is not markedly overweight but she has no muscle tone and has a rough time getting around on "bad" knees.  Honestly, it took me getting really pissed to come back from that vacation and start the challenge.  I have kids myself (triplets) and did not want to set the example my Mom had set (love her dearly :))  The only way I was going to change was to put the work into it.  To commit to it.  To JUST DO IT!  

    I believe that everyone has it in them to change.  For me it took getting mad at myself.  I was so self-conscious and was sick of thinking about it, there's so much more in life that I love.  I haven't completely reached my goal but I feel like I have a formula for a lifetime of good health.  I need to remember that I'm the only one who can control that.  I have found so much support from postings of others, I hope to continue on by inspiring others.

  • UBWO complete for the week.  Went well.  I got a good amount of sleep last night, so I was well rested and ready to go this morning.  Eating is going well, and I really have no complaints about this week thus far.  Hoping to lose a pound or two after this week, but if not, I'll just keep on going!  That's what has got me to the point I'm at right now!


  • Wow, am I on Week 3 already?

    Called in sick to work today, got some good rest, I am feeling much better! No workout yesterday or today on account of illness.

    I saw my first hint of a change today: I THINK (though I am not 100% sure!) that the rolls of fat on my back are slightly smaller. This is a big deal to me and a sign that I have been watching obsessively, as I have a back tattoo which goes from the tips of my shoulders to my butt, and curves around both sides of my back, visible in my profile, and those two big fat rolls are completely marring the design. Hideous. Getting rid of those back fat rolls is the #1 thing I am looking forward to in this Challenge!

    Good job everyone, sounds like we're sticking together. I love reading about all the other Summer Challengers and what you're up to!

    Check in with you tomorrow!


  • Happy Thursday everyone!  Hope everyone is doing well.  A new month begins today.  Let's make it a good one with BFL!  Did an abs and cardio workout this morning.  Felt like I had heavy legs.  Not sure why, but it was hard for me to get them moving on the steps.  Still had a good workout, just not as good as Tuesday's workout.  Ate like a champ yesterday.  Can't believe it's already Thursday.  I'm about finished with Week 4 of this challenge.  How time flies when we're having fun!


  • Hi all,

    Day 17!

    Hey, this is starting to become a habit! I find myself naturally just starting to make the right choices, instead of fighting myself. (Well, maybe not the working out, but the food anyway. I struggle with getting motivated to work out every day.)

    I heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and if that's true, I'm almost there!

    Can't wait til BFL feels like a "habit." That'll be the day, huh? Sugar-lovin' Laura, willingly turning down Starbucks and ice cream for grilled chicken breasts and vegetables. Ha!


  • Happy Friday everyone!!!  Started the day with an awesome LBWO!  Legs are feeling it already.  Hate leg days, but happy I did it once it's over with!  Now I'm just eating for the day!  

    The eating really does become habitual Laura.  Workouts?  Yes and no.  There are plenty of mornings I don't want to workout.  I get up, sit on the couch to wake up and think to myself..."Do I have to workout today?"  I could easily go back to bed and get another hour of sleep, but I know I'd beat myself up for it in an hour when it was time to get ready for work.  I feel that sense of accomplishment, and ready to truly start my day once my workout is in.  I know I don't have to worry about working out anymore until tomorrow, and I know I did good to my body.  So, I think the frame of mind gets into more of a habit, but so far, I haven't seen a complete desire to get into the gym and workout.  Granted, there are some days when I'm ready to get in there.  However, most days, I wish it was the end of the workout before the workout has even began.


  • Truthfully, I have lost track of what day I am on, but I can tell you that I am still following the plan!

    My fiance and I cooked together at my apartment this weekend for our meals, and that was a huge deal. A significant change from our previous life, where we ate out at every meal. (Kind of embarrassing to admit.) I think our vegetable consumption has gone up 200% since we started Body for Life. My fridge is stocked with fruits, vegetables, chicken breasts, and ready to drink Myoplex, whereas before it contained leftover to-go boxes and a token bag of baby carrots which was rarely touched.

    I can start to notice his weight loss, even if it is only 8 pounds. His tummy looks a tiny bit smaller. :)

    Check in with you later!