2013 Summer Challengers

  • Hi Everyone,

    Today Is My First Day On BFL, I've Attempted The Program Before But Didn't Make It Through, So I'm Hoping This Time Around I Will Get Through It With Good Results... I'm Just Looking For A Good Check In Group

  • Started today 7/22/13 and thinking it is NOT MEANT TO BE!!!  Went to take "before" pic ... battery dead in camera!  Plan was for early AM workout ... change of plans ... had to drive daughter to camp!  I can't even get started!!!

    OK ... not serious about the above but it did give me a little pause.  

    Got to the gym instead of lunch hour (evening workouts would be very close to impossible) and had a solid workout.  Not sure if they were "10s" but those last lifts took real effort and have a fatigue in the muscles - a good sort of sore ... not pain.  By way of background I have been going to the gym a couple times a week for months and "lifting some weights" ... which meant the same weight, same number of sets, no challenge, and surprise - no real results.

    Well, glad to get that first workout under my belt!

  • Hi all,

    Just checking in to say I had a pretty good Day 7. Personally, I feel huge, fatter than ever, but I think I might just be retaining water from all the (free day/meal) pizza that I ate. Not giving up. See you on Day 8.


  • Good morning and welcome to the newcomers!  

    Day 9 for me.  Sceej-some days are just like that, I know.  Just like the weather, it'll change so hang in there!  Glad you are mixing up your workouts.  It really makes a big difference.

    I heard an analogy about when we don't eat perfectly that has helped me:  If you drop an egg out of the basket, you don't just throw the whole basket of eggs out.  That's where I've found the Power Mindset journal very helpful.  Set goals, (have a plan), give atta boys for the ones reached and problem solving corrections for mistakes.  

    Heading out for my day.  Hope your's of full of 10s!

  • Happy Tuesday everyone.  Took the day off from work yesterday, so the schedule was all messed up in regards to any type of structure.  Anyway, I didn't get a chance to post yesterday.  I did start my day off with a good UBWO, and followed diet all day.  Ended up having 3 Myoplex shakes, where I normally have 2, due to the unstructured day I had, but I'd rather do Myoplex than fast food!  We hosted a birthday party for a family member last night, but I was able to resist any unauthorized foods, which is what I needed to do, because we went to 2 birthday parties on Sunday, and I ate unauthorized foods left and right!  Oh well, I'm never been one to skimp on my free day.  Just he way I choose to do it.  Others may choose a free meal, I choose a free day.

    Started today with a good cardio.  Then, due to the hectic things the past few days, I found myself cooking chicken and rice at 6 am, so I'd have food for lunch.  We're good now though!  Ready for the day!!!  Glad to be back at work, in regards of structure in my life and eating times.  

    Hope everyone has a great day!


  • Day 8 here. So proud to report that my fiance says he lost 6 pounds his first week. I'm choosing not to weigh myself til the end of the Challenge. I think I've lost a pound at most!

    Check in with you tomorrow.


  • Good morning everyone!!!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!  I started my day off with a rough LBWO.  Rough in that I increased weight on my squats and calves, so now my legs are not happy with me.  But, it's over with and I survived!  Now I just eat for the day, which shouldn't be too bad.  I had 3 people yesterday comment on my loss of weight.  It's funny how you go on this program and it seems like no one notices the changes until one day...then you get multiple comments.  I will admit it's pretty motivating to keep it up.  It makes you feel like all this work isn't going unnoticed.  Well, I hope everyone has a great day!!!


  • Good evening all,

    Became a little impatient today and decided to measure my waist (I refuse to step on the scale until this Challenge is over, it will make me obsess like a crazy person) and my waist was actually bigger by half an inch. Gah. Let's just hope it's...I don't know...swelling from the 100 degree weather today. Water retention. Who knows. Nine days of protein shakes and chicken breasts and peaches and non fat cottage cheese and steamed vegetables and I cannot possibly be getting bigger!

    I must be patient. I soldier on!

    See you tomorrow!


  • Don't over obsess with the tape measure either Laura.  Change takes time and you're still pretty early in the challenge.  I take measurements and weigh myself, but I don't let them get me down if they don't read like I hoped they would.  My overall health and how I feel is a better indication of the program doing it's job than those readings.  Changes will come, and they will be good changes, you just have to wait patiently sometimes.  It seems like most of us have to wait a little longer than the people whose pictures are in the BFL books.  

    Had a pretty good cardio today.  Legs were pretty heavy, due to the leg workout yesterday.  Legs are still pretty sore from that too.  However, I got the cardio in, as well as an abs workout, and now I'm done with another workout for the week!  Only two more to go and then I get a day off!  Yay!  Stay focused and have a great Thursday everyone!


  • Hey cwords, glad to see you posting!

    Sceej that is very impressive that you didn't let the daily hassles keep you rom your work out! I would say that you are off to a good start when you stay committed even though there were other things that could have kept you from doing it. For hitting 10's, in the book it says something like "if Bill phillips was coaching you on to keep going and you literally could lift one more rep, that's a 10!l I increase the weight so I can do at least 6...and then I force myself to try and make it to 12. That always gets me to hit the 10 as the book describes.

    Man I have been busy. I am handfeeding baby parakeets around the clock. I am SO tired. I can't believe I actually make it to the gym. The good thing is that my diet has been on track since I am too busy to pick around in the kitchen. The last few weeks I have struggled with staying on track, but I have stayed away from fast food and other bad stuff....I was just eating a bit more than I should. I have not gained any weight back, just stayed the same for a little while. I felt like I was oing okay because I mostly stuck to the diet. Its just a real eye opener how being strict gives me awesome progress, but straying even slightly will basically maintain my current weight. Straying a lot.....well we know how that goes! I am just glad I could see that straying from the way it is designed will yield very little progress and I didn't go completely overboard and gain it all back. I used to approach diet in such extremes. I feel leveled out for once.

  • Thank you.  I'm on Day Four and so far things are going well ... I don't have the urge to cheat, so I'm debating the cheat day, figured if its not broke then why bother ...  my coworker has decided she wants to do the plan with me, she really enjoyed doing the HIIT workout on Tuesday, so I'm excited to possibly have a partner.

    Caity I agree with your comment on diet, I've been told that eating is the majority of the battle, without getting the food regimen right it would be hard to see continuous progress.  I know when I don't eat right I don't want to exercise, so its important for me to stay in control with my eating.  I'm not much of a sweets person, but I have a bad addiction to fast food... I also realize eating a lot of the right thing can hinder results too, so its finding that balance ...

    Laura - that is my fear, doing all that I can and then I'm heavier or bigger in measurements, it would freak me out.  I'm trying to rely more on pictures, but I guess a combination of all measurements of progress are best just in case.

  • Hey guys!! I'm so happy to hear everyone doing so well! You  all rock and everyone is in control of their own results! It is a process and I can't stress enough that you have to TRUST it! A whole transformation takes time and let me tell you if you work hard and give it 100% the efforts will pay off and you will start feeling better from the inside out. I am on week 5 right now and my family is starting to make comments like 'wow, looking good' and it is truly an amazing feeling! I have to re focus and look at it as another 4 weeks and that keeps my on track rather than thinking 8 more weeks!

    I got my wisdom teeth out today so this is a bit of a hassle but I am going to just wait it out until I feel good enough to work out again and I am sticking to protein shakes and healthy smoothies!

    Off to bed now because these t3's are making me sleepy!

    Hope to hear from all of you and I especially like to hear from new beginning challengers because it is so great to hear the excitement and motivating vibes everyone gives off! Keep up the great work :)

  • Hi all!

    Day 10 here! Thanks for all the positive comments!

    Thank goodness this challenge is 84 days long. If it wasn't, I would have quit by now. I KNOW that on Day 84 my body is going to look different, there's no way it couldn't, I just have to let the days pass. I mean, really, I've gone from drinking 600 calorie Starbucks frappucino drinks for breakfast to a protein shake. My diet is seeing a complete overhaul!

    See ya tomorrow!


  • Happy Friday everyone!  Hope everyone is having a great start to their day.  Juice, hope you recover quickly from the wisdom teeth.  Had that done years ago, and still remember the joy of it all.  Laura, hang in there.  The results will come.  Unfortunately, it doesn't fly off like we want it to, however, it will eventually come off.  Caity, try to get as much sleep as possible, but keep those birds fed!! :)  Good job on staying on diet.  

    Had an awesome UBWO this morning.  Always know it's going to be a good (tough) workout, when your chest is screaming and you still have 4 body parts to go!  I got through the workout, and I was only 3 minutes over time, so I was pretty impressed with that.  Really focused on the negative this morning, so I'm sure my body is going to be sore for the next few days.  Eating went really well yesterday.  Trying to pay particular attention to my portion sizes.  I had kind of been slacking in measuring them out, and more or less eye-balling, and I haven't seen much weight loss lately, so I'm wondering if it's because I may be eating a little too much, which adds up over the course of the week.  So, I'm going back to paying close attention to the portion sizes to see if that doesn't help.  Also re-evaluating a few of the things I eat.  I may be eating too many almonds, so I'm checking into that also.  Hope everyone has a great day!!!


  • Day Five for me ... Upper Body Workout Day ... I'm looking forward ot it although I'm still a little sore from my last Upper Body Workout ...I'm doing Free weights this time for the entire workout ... machines are okay, but I just didn't feel like I got the best workout ... I can't believe my first week is almost over, it went by so fast ... I'm ready to work harder and smarter in the weeks to come ...