2013 Summer Challengers

  • Eeeee!! your parakeet is so cute that is just so exciting!! The soreness hurts and it is a good hurt! I found it won't be as bad after week two but then I started chasing the pain and pushing myself harder just so I would be sore after workouts because then I know I am able to build and repair after, but on a side note the harder I lift the more sleep I need! My sleep is very important as should everyone else's be!! I have found a new LOVE for sweet potatoes! If y'all haven't tried them you definitely should! slice them and sprinkle with a little cinnamon and bake at 400 degrees for 30 mins! It's better then any other dessert I have ever had! Happy Friday guys and enjoy the weekend!

  • Those sweet potatoes sound good!  I will give that a try. Yardwork is finally done. Now time to plan meals for the week and get to the store.  :)

  • Not sure if I'm posting on the right thread, but it's captioned 2013 summer challengers and I'm starting my challenge tomorrow, so wanted to say hi to all--Hi!

    I completed my first challenge is 2002 with great results.  I've done 2-3 since then, also with great results.  Thankfully I never regained all the weight I lost (15#), but I have gotten sloppy with my nutrition and have been going through the motions with my exercise without a specific goal in mind.  I'm working on correcting that.

    The community appears to have thinned out (no pun intended) since I last participated.  That was back when Mike Harris was still living (God gained a saint and we lost a great Champion).  Community support is so important to sticking around for the full 12 weeks, so I hope whoever is out there will be checking in.  

    Thanks in advance for sharing your journey with me :)

  • Welcome back to BFL Beth!  This thread was created for anyone doing the challenge over the course of the summer.  The other threads seemed to be losing a lot of people once summer got closer, so Caity started this for a place for everyone who was left on the other threads to talk.  We may be at different points of our challenges, but we're all doing a challenge over the course of the summer.

    I had a grueling leg workout today.  I've never been a fan of legs, because of how much weight you have to lift to make it beneficial (at least my experience).  However, this morning, I kind of looked forward to it.  If anyone wants advice on legs, all I'll say is don't underestimate how much your legs can lift.  You may think they can't lift a lot, but if you're not already lifting quite a bit, you'll be surprised that they can do so much more.  Anyway, I don't know how much people tweak their workouts, but immediately after I do squats, I do bench jumps (equal to however many squats I just did).  So, this morning, I did 12 reps of squats, then I did 12 bench jumps right away, then had my minute break before going on to my next set.  I don't really change the BFL formula too much, but I like to put in that little extra with legs.  Anyway, I'm sitting here now, and my legs are not that happy with me, but they'll be fine.  A lot of water, and occasional stretching, and they'll like me again by Wednesday.  Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday to begin the week!


  • I am on week 2 now.  I lost 3 pounds.  WOO HOO.  My soreness has gone away but I did lower body today.  I am thinking they are gonna be sore again as they are still shaking and week 4 hours after I worked out this morning.  I just hope its not as bad as last week.

    I feel great.  I actually look forward to my workouts.  I sometimes feel I am not doing enough.  I am so used to running 1-2 hours 4 days a week.

    I love the clean eating.  I feel so good about what I am putting into my body that I don't even want any junk.  On my cheat day I still ate clean but I had a couple of beers as my cheat and I felt pretty good about it.

  • Happy Monday everyone!! Today while I was at the gym doing my HIIT I was watching a guy that plays University basketball working on his plyometrics and he was jumping 27 stacked step up blocks.(about 5 foot 4 inches) It was RIDICULOUS!!! Just goes to show you that when you put your mind to something, the body can really do amazing things! Anyway it made my cardio go by lickidy split! Remember to set goals at the beginning of each week for the next 7 days so you have something to focus on for the short term weather it is sticking to your strict meal plan or hitting new personal records in the gym, it just helps to keep focus if you feel like you aren't seeing any progress. I bit the bullet and bought a magic bullet today! :p I can't wait to use it!

    Susaneyeager - isn't it just amazing the feeling you get inside and out when you eat clean!! I have really noticed my energy levels rising with each day!

    MJelly - Way to go on your leg workout! soon you will like legs better because every time you will be putting more and more weight on until you are feeling like Ironman! keep it up :)

  • Juice...I'm on my 3rd challenge this year, and my 6th overall challenge since 2001.  I've never like legs.  I just don't see me ever liking legs better than upper body or even cardio, which I also loathe.  LOL  However, you mention the basketball player doing plyometrics...back in my best condition in 2001, I was able to do a standing long jump of over 8ft, which I thought was just crazy (one of the reason I know leap frogs or bench jumps help strengthen legs, thus me doing it).  I hope to be able to do that again by the end of the year.


  • Thanks for the welcome Mike.  I've always liked leg w/o's better than UBWO.  It doesn't take me as long (I do abs on cardio days), though I usually get more DOMS from leg work.  Plus, I'm nursing elbow tendonitis, so I have to walk a fine line between hitting 10s and protecting myself so I can continue working out.  I'm impressed with the box jumps!  Good job!

    Glad your eating clean is getting easier Susan!  You are wise to keep free days not too free...took me a while to realize that one crazy day can wipe out a week's worth of calorie deficit!

    Juice, I know what you mean about inspiring athletes.  We have a few gifted athletes at my gym that are fun to watch.  I am 55 yrs. old, so I'm not planning on putting box jumps in my program (unless the box is pretty short :)  We have the AGX program there which is butt-kicking.  I'm not doing it full fledge, but I've borrowed some of the moves (ropes for cardio, TRX for squat jumps, high intensity but not insane).  Since I've been a BFL fan since 2002, it's good to throw my body new stuff now and then to get out of my comfort zone.

    One of my clients (I'm a trainer at Gold's) is joining me on the challenge.  It's fun to have someone live who keeps you accountable and we've done it together before.  She's 70+, and is a real inspiration.  

    Stay well all!

  • Last week of C2 for me!  Also have my 34th birthday on Friday so it's a big week for me!  Had an awesome UBWO Monday and woke up really sore this morning.  Did my cardio this morning and ended up running 8.5 miles and burned over 900 calories on the elliptical.  It has been way harder lately to get up in the mornings to workout, but I've been forcing myself to do it anyway.   I'll be glad when this week is over.

    I'm planning on doing a longer period of AR this time around.  My legs are worn out from doing 2 challenges back to back with only one week of rest in between them.  I'm planning on waiting until 9/15/13 to start C3.  In the meantime I'll continue doing BFL nutrition and weightlifting with extended duration cardio in place of HIIT.  I have already started the long duration cardio as of last week.  I really think the HIIT is what is causing me to feel so worn out, because my legs already feel a lot better, and I'm burning 900-1100 calories per session.

  • Hey all,

    Glad to hear everyone is having a great start to the week.  I am visiting family and I have to do my lower body workout tonight with resistance bands.  I am going to start going to my mother-in-laws gym that is at her apartment.  I will make no excuses and will lift weights even on vacation.  We will see how well that goes on my road trip through California next week.  I might have to bench press my little sister if I can't find a gym.  

    Now I am making a BiG salad!

    Oh and welcome  BETH!


  • Hi there,

    Thought I would join the party. I just started today. I'm glad to see there's an active thread with so many newbies like myself.

    The most challenging part for me right now is the eating...I am a long-term recovering binge eater with the ability to eat an entire package of Oreos at a time (and then promptly get extremely ill and throw them up.) Trying to eat appropriately sized portions and laying off the sugar is going to be a fun challenge for me.

    Today's eating has been good so far. Meal 1: Peach and NF cottage cheese, Meal 2: Coffee flavored protein shake, Meal 3: Chicken, rice, asparagus, Meal 4: Fruit flavored protein shake, Meal 5: Egg whites, turkey bacon, whole wheat English muffin, Meal 6 (later tonight): Chocolate protein shake.

    Did my UBWO this morning.

    Check in with you later!


  • So I flaked so hard today and could not stop eating pistachios and peanuts and like an excessive amount of both of them and that is soooo bad for you. I feel like crap and my belly is out to china. I was doing so well and not only am I letting my self down but all of you too. :( I am just going to go to bed and wake up a new day tomorrow and kill my eating and cardio. I think I am just really excited about my cheat day on saturday that I got a little too excited and forgot my focus.


    Congrats Gilmer on almost finishing your challenge!! way to go and happy early birthday :)

    FitKTleaf Keep up the motivation and drive to hit your workouts on vacay!! Those are the moments that make you stronger mentally and physically

    Welcome aboad laurathelibrarian! Write down everything you eat during the day and look over it at night if you think that will hold you accountable!

  • Hey everyone, im new and up to day 10! Its so helpful having this thread to hear everyone's progress and for support! Well done to all. The fact we have all decided to make the change and look after health is already a great achievement! I loved that the cardio felt easier this week, even after just one week! Which of course meant that i had to up the intensity! I have a lot of weight to loose - 40kg, so i will be sticking around for some time. I have started the challenge many times but have never finished..... this time i will no matter what!

    Lil Caity, your progress and transformation has been really inspiring - thanks so much for posting your updates and photos!

    Go team!!

  • Day 10 UBWO in the books for me.  Arms feel like jelly as I type this.  Guess the workout was effective.  No problems thus far this week with eating other than I'm feeling a little hungry between my 5th and 6th meal.  Trying to drown it out with water.  The Myoplex isn't holding up like it was in my last challenge.  Other than that, I'm having a pretty awesome week in the gym and all around.  Can't believe it's already Wednesday!  Time flies when we're having fun.  

    Glad to see more new people on the thread.  It's always exciting to watch initial changes in people.  Fight off the frustrations and the urge to cheat on your eating.  Remember, nothing tastes as good as feeling healthy.  Remember to stay hydrated...especially those of you living in the U.S. in states that are experiencing the crazy heat this week.  I heard on the morning show that if you feel thirsty, you're already a pint behind where you should be.  Drink up the good stuff.  Stay cool too!  Hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday!


  • Hey everybody! Its so great to read everybody's posts. I am happy to see people starting and enjoying the process. Mike I am so impressed when you say that lower body is the most challenging because you have such amazing impressive lower body muscles! You must be the type that conquors a challenge above and beyond. That is quite inspiring.

    I have mapped out the bike paths surrounding my apartment complex and explored them. It is a great feeling, a meditative adventure. I found this stretch of trail very close to me that is the EPITOME of high intensity intervals. The trail weaves through the woods and has some serious incline. It is so intense that I will have to get off my bike and walk it, and it is still insane. I got an odometer that tells me my speed. I am working on making it up the hills without walking and increasing my speed.

    I have noticed a tren with my appetite. I was not getting very good sleep, and I felt more sore and also wayy more hungry! I know that sleep is essential to repair and recover, but I did not realize how much hungrier I felt. I made it a point to sleep in yesterday and took a nap today, and it has made a big difference. Eating the correct portions and still feeling so hungry was giving me anxiety and feelings of low self worth. Now I see that is was probably my body trying to repair, wanting more food to compensate for lack of sleep. I am glad to be so much more in tune with myself and my needs.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the weather and good job on your hard work everybody!