2013 Summer Challengers

  • I just crushed my lower body work out!! so excited because now nothing is in between me and my cheat day tomorrow! I like to do my cheat days on Wednesday because then I am still busy and don't have as much time (compared to sat or sun) so I don't eat the entire time! it also separates my rest day from my cheat day so I don't feel completely awful! Well anyway I'm off to make some hummus, guacamole and pasta salad for tomorrow and I cannot wait!! hope you all had fabulous workouts today! keep on keeping on!

  • Started week three on sunday and I am going strong.  I am just scared I will lose focus once I start work and school full time in a couple of weeks.  Glad to have he support of the community!

  • Well, I definitely have a cold, but it didn't stop me from completing my LBWO this morning.  Got up and took some Sudafed to start the day.  Waited for a little bit to see if it would kick in, and then I went and got it out of the way.  Didn't have to surrender any weight, as I though may be the case due to the cold, so I was happy about that.  Was happy once I finished, knowing that it was out of the way for the day.  Now I can focus on eating and battling the cold.  

    @fitKTleaf09, I found when I was going to school in the evening, after working all day, that it was easiest to get up early in the morning and get the workout out of the way.  That way, I only had to worry about eating.  I had a lot of bars and shakes with me when I went to school.  Expect the unexpected and prepare for the unexpected, and you'll be fine.  Remember, a key part of the BFL program is planning before you do anything.

    Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!


  • Hi all!  I'm starting again on 7/15.  I love BFL and it works when I stick to it!  I'm looking forward to getting strong again and hope to lose about 20 pounds. Good luck everyone :)

  • Welcome back Dawn!  Glad you're coming back on board!  The cold doesn't feel nearly as bad today, so I thought that was a good thing.  I got in an abs workout this morning, followed by a great cardio.  Seemed to have a ton of energy, which surprised me since I've had the cold.  Still have it somewhat, but like I said, I don't feel terrible like I did the past two days.  Eating is going great today!  Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!  Almost made it through another week, so we're another week closer to our ultimate goals!!!!


  • I started this week! I started on Monday and have been doing good all week. This is the 2nd time doing BFL with the last time being in 1999 so there has been a little gap.

    Feeling tired cause I workout in the am but almost to the weekend where I can recharge my sleep.

    Glad to be on the forum.

  • Hey summer challengers!! Keep up the great work!! There is no better time then the present to start a life transformation and whatever your goals are from better health, stronger, weight loss, fit body ect., it is very important to remind yourself of your goals and why you are doing this everyday!! Writing them down helps even more because you are solidifying your thoughts and turning them into actions!! No one has ever regretted healthy lifestyle choices! If you want to share a struggle or a triumph along the way this forum is a great place to do so :)

  • Hey! Just thought I would post real quick.  I tried the program a couple of years ago, but did not make it all the way through.  Love the results I did see, though. I am planning on starting in a couple of weeks...  This time my hubby is going to join me!! So super-excited about it!

    To tell you a tiny bit about me: I currently am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mama of 3; a student in a Nutrition Educator program; and a proud Coast Guard wife of almost 14 years.

  • @MJelly Yeah it is so tough to wake up early, but I notice I am so much more successful with my meals and other tasks when I workout first thing.  Thanks!

    Does anyone have an instagram or twitter?  I use IG to stay accountable with friends and it works really well.  Very motivating.

  • I am on day 6.  I've done great.  I am soooo SORE.  My arms hurts so bad after my upper body and now I can hardly move because my legs hurt so bad.  I am doing upper body today around 12 (no boys in the weight room at the time;))Just when my arms felt better now I gotta work them out again.  Question: Am I going to be sore like this the whole 12 weeks?  Just wondering because I can barely bend over to pick stuff up off the floor and when my arms hurt my husband had to undress me.

  • Welcome to weight lifting Susan.  :)  The good news is that the soreness does decrease.  You should probably always feel a little sore following a workout, as it shows that your workout was effective.  However, the intensity of soreness you're feeling right now will diminish in the next week or two.  I dislike leg days because of the soreness it creates, but there's nothing worse than that first initial leg exercise (IMO).  You're almost to the end of Week 1!  Get through today's workout and celebrate!  

    I completed UBWO today, and it went really well.  Have some good soreness going on now myself, especially in the arms.  The cold I'm battling isn't any worse today, but I don't think it's any better than yesterday either.  Oh well, this too shall pass.  Got my workout in, and now I'm just focusing on eating for the day, which has gone well my first two meals.  

    Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!!!


  • fitKTleaf09~ way to go on week three! There is not a better time to start, by the time school and stuff comes around, it will be a habit. And I had so much more energy after a couple weeks that it was more like "what do I do with my time?!" that feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day-and I never used to feel like that!

    Juice~I am so glad you are so enthusiastic about starting! I feel so happy every time I read your posts.

    Mike~Glad the cold didn't bog you down. Way to go on doing another Challenge!!!

    Susan~Woo Hoo I remember that sore feeling!! I am pretty sore this week but it is NOTHING like that first time I started. You will not feel anything close to what you feel today again, unless you quit and start again months later. I take an NSAID like ibuprofen or alieve and the soreness goes away. I had asked the same question back in FEB, and it was hard because I had to walk in the snow with the coordination of a wasted frat guy.

    Runner dawn and shell~ welcome to you too! Its good that you know sticking to it makes you feel better. Keep us updated on how you are doing this time around! :-D

    I have had a good week. My exercise has been so fulfilling and I truly feel good in my body. My cellulite is going away!! I've had it since I was in stinking middle school for god sake. Beginning of this year I had it from the knees up, on the back AND front of my legs. I could not see or feel muscle definition and it was just.....embarrassing. The first time I tried to ride my bike, I couldn't tell if it was broken or if I was just that out of shape. It wasn't broken, lol. I took a picture after a ride yesterday:

    And here is what my baby parakeet looked like when it hatched this week......it is so tiny! Looks like an eeenie weenie rotisserie chicken.


  • @susaneyeager  I am on week three and that initial intense soreness is gone.  I still have some, but nothing compared to the first week.  I love when the weight room is boy free....so much less awkward.  :D  

  • I am noticing that my strength training days go longer than the 47 and 42 minutes.  It usually takes me an hour.  If I only rest for 30secs in between sets I am able to finish within the time frame.  I don't know if I am doing anything wrong.  I am using the "Body for Life" "One"  and then saying, "I am building a body for life" "One" for each rep.

  • Caity:  that is so cool, we had parakeets growing up and I always wanted them to have babies.  Glad to hear your week is going well!