2013 Summer Challengers

  • So, I was enjoying posting regularly on a thread with other people but it has sort of fizzled out! I thought it would be cool to start a new thread that welcomes everybody visiting the forum this summer :-D You can post about watever you want about your Body-for-Life journey; what brought you here, your workouts, your diet, struggles, triumphs, progress, etc. Today I was able to get back on my bicycle after having it repaired and going through a 2 week recovery period from a surgical procedure. I was pretty worn out and I realized that I needed a break when I was forced to take one. I don't think I really rested enough beween challenges, but that's okay. Live and learn! I felt like a champion on my bicycle today. I was riding faster than ever, and I had so much stamina to keep going strong. I rode 26 miles in 2 hours on a 50 lb vintage style beach cruiser, on a hilly bike path here in Kansas City. It was a fatastic jump start to revive my active fitness lifestyle. I am going to go back to the 20 minute 3x a week HIIT cardio sessions, but I really just had to get out on a real ride today after being cooped up for the last couple weeks. It seems like everything is better since I started this on Feb 25th of this year. My body has so many benefits from the regular small healthy meals and exercise. My body makes its own happy feelings and I don't feel like I need other people to act a certain way to make me happy, or like I need material things, etc to make me happy. It has made my relationships with friends and family so much better because I can sit and listen to people without thinking about all my problems all the time. Even my animals seem to be enjoying my company more. And the way I feel in my body has transcended from prison to temple. I have so much energy that I can't even sleep right now, even after all I did today! And that is why I am starting this thread so late, lol. So I hope to see people jump in! I am always interested in how others are doing on their challenge. I visit the forum everyday, so it would be awesome to hear from you guys and gals out there, whether you are brand new or seasoned veterans
  • Lil Caity- I'm glad you've made a full recovery!  Welcome back!  It looks like a lot of threads have died this summer.  I still check in all the time, but since nobody has been posting on my threads I haven't posted anything.  I'll be around and check in with you.  I'm in the final weeks of C2, so I'm trying to get a plan ready for C3.  


  • Hey girl! I've lost two inches on my left thigh, 1 1/2" on my waist and two inches on my hips! I've lost 6 pounds..no more weight loss, it fluctuates so much ..I try not to weigh myself too much, because I I know muscle weight 2 1/2 times more than fat and I'm weight training pretty heavy..but my pants are about to fall of of me!

    I even lost an inch off from under my chin lol..I measured around my head because I had a little double chin.

  • LOL this is going to sound funny, but every time I weight train..I think ..I'm building my muscles up because they are my fat gobblers when I'm resting lol!!!!!

  • I'm currently on my week off (currently on vacation and I'm still reading this addictive board) but I'll be starting a new challenge on Monday.  This week is crazy for me with vacation and my daughter's b-day on the 4th.  I'll probably be glad to get back to routine next week.  Can't say I've eaten great this week, but I'm not totally blowing it either.  I purposely scheduled my break between challenges for this week, as I knew I would have these hurdles and didn't want to blow a challenge because of it.  Haven't really planned out my challenge completely, but I know I'm going to be focusing on weight loss again.  Glad to see this thread started!  -Mike

  • MJelly..I blow it sometimes, but I get back up in the saddle..Like Sunday and Monday..I was on vacation..couldn't eat like I was supposed to...wasn't available at the water park lol. I gained three pounds, but lost it the next day??? You can't trust that scale...Only your measuring tape.....but you know how they say things in life will get you off track, but I think life always was getting in the way..but when you have a goal it seems like interruptions are more pronounced...like getting sick or whatever..was always there, but now they seem like annoyances on a different level now lol...

  • Greetings,  I am currently(as of Tuesday) on Active Rest and I am currently doing photos, tanning, and working on my essay questions for the entry next week. You are right though, a lot of the threads did kind of fizzle out, and that is a shame. Hope they still compleated their challenges this past quarter and are still working on them now as well. Got to go today for now, have a spray tan, still need some more photos tommorrow and it's starting to rain here again.  Keep Moving FOrward!!!

  • Bill congratulations!! Man it seemed like you just started your challenge a few weeks ago! I can't believe how quickly the time passes.

    Happy 4th of July everybody! How many of you are taking this holiday as your free day? I know Ryan and I sure are. We are going to a picnic this afternoon. I am bringing my dog and my guitar, so that will probably keep me from going overboard on snacking. Who knows, maybe I can hold off today.......or maybe not lol

    Oh my gosh. I had lost a little weight before I started my first challenge, I had quit eating fast food about 2 months prior and was making adjustments with my diet that helped me get strted. I know I weighed about 250lbs in Jan but I had NO pictures of myself. Yesterday Ryan found a video of me and my bird Stevie from back then on his phone......HOLY COW. I should get it on youtube and post it. I look like a different person. Jeez. Whenever I am having a so called "fat day" or a lazy day, I am going to look at it. I make videos of my parrot because I also post regularly on a forum about keeping trained parrot companion animals. I see now why I never posted that one. What a shame because he is being so cute in the video :-P

  • Just submitted my Challenge via the web, so now I can officially start thinking about the next challenge, which I'll be starting on Monday, July 8th.  A few more days of living the relaxed life, and away I go on another 12 week journey!  It's been a pretty rough week of eating, with the holiday and my daughter's birthday, as well as my vacation, and I really think I'm ready to get back into the swing of things to make things regular again.  

    Caity, I didn't take a before picture back in January either, before I began my unofficial challenge.  However, I found a really "rough" looking picture of me from December.  I ended up printing it out and putting it up on the wall in my home gym, to remind me that this is what I'll look like if I don't workout daily.  

    Hope everyone is having a great week!


  • Hi Lil Caity.  I am new to body-for-life.  I got the book from the library (just browsing) and saw the before and after photos and thought "I really want to do that".  I had got the Body-for-life 12 week challenge book and read it cover to cover and came on here and registered and my start date is tomorrow.  Very excited.  I was wondering if you had any advice.  I feel a bit lost since I do not weight train at all.  I do belong to a gym but the weight room intimidates me with all those buff guys and I am a 42 year old mom who doesn't know her way around the weights.  I am "A OK" on cardio as I run a lot.  I completed 3 half marathons last year and I belong to a running group and we get together 2 times a week and I walk with a friend 3 days a week.  Just shows that cardio alone just doesn't cut it as I am still overweight even though I do cardio 5-6 days a week.  Glad to hear that you visit the forum everyday.  I will definitely check in everyday to see what you are up to

  • Hey guys!! I tried starting the challenge in march but studying for exams pushed me overboard and I couldn't stop snacking while I studied so I fell off the wagon. I decided to start again in May when school was finished but a week in I stress fractured my foot running my first half marathon. So now that I'm all healed up I started Body-For-Life on June. 23 so I could have all summer to focus and work on myself. So far it has been going great! when I am at my cabin it is so easy because I buy my food and bring it out so no temptations in the cupboard, only the healthy food! When I go into the city my house is full of crap as I live with my parents and two sisters so it's a little harder but I find I am not craving junk now either. Working out has always been fun for me as I played University basketball but once the season stopped I kept on eating and wasn't exercising as much so I gained lots of weight. The hard part for me is not eating so much food that I feel full every time I eat. It is Day 14 for me today and I am noticing clearer skin, more energy and I feel smaller! The scale has only dropped about 9 lbs but I know not to rely on the scale readings! Anyway, I will be checking in hear everyday and enjoy all of your stories, support and motivation!

  • Hi Susane! I am glad you found this program and came to the forum. I remember reading a story about a champion who was a triathlete, but didn't understand why she didn't have a better body (I can't remember her name, maybe someone else knows?) And that's why she started body for life. It was the weigh training that took her fitness above and beyond. Not only does it give you that toned fitness model look, but muscle burns calories, while fat just sits there. I told myself this over and over. I went to the gym at the times where it was the least crowded in the weight section. But I had a plan if someone was there and I felt awkward: I wrote it in my journal like a 12 year old but it helped. I brought my notebook so people could know I was doing a routine (it made me feel like I would be taken seriously because I looked like I didn't workout or know what I was doing) and people do look at it and kind of nod as if they're thinking"oh that's cool". If someone was wondering why I was sitting on a machine doing nothing for the minute rest, and tapping their toe waiting for me to be done, I would just point at my worksheet and say "oh I only have one set left. Its part of my routine to rest one minute, it makes such a difference!" I have had to do that like only one time. But that was my plan and it made me feel so much better to go into that territory with it because I DID feel extremely awkward.

    I trusted the program. I focused on the benefits of gaining muscle and stuck to the weight lifting because I genuinely wanted the benefits. I was not seeing much actual muscle definition until now because I had a lot of body fat and very little muscle mass. Last night, I was doing upper body and in the mirror I noticed how awesome I look now!! My arm has peaks and valleys instead of being straight and flabby. I was soo happy I stuck with it. And when I get groceries out of the ca, I can lift SO many an it makes me feel empowered. I notice all those little things and appreciate them, which helps me stay on track. I reflect on why I started and how my body used to feel. I think about my dog, and what a better life she has because I am not tired with her.

    I wrote out the journal stuff it suggested in the book. It wasn't many pages at all, but I am so glad I did it because it was profound when those problems went away. I looked at my writing and thought, "omg I can't believe I used to have that problem!" For me, it was things like "I take a bath instead of shower because it is too strenuous to stand that long". Yikes. For you, it might be "I want to run faster but my legs get worn out". Its so easy to forget. But looking back on it will keep you motivated.

    Juice~that is awesome! You are already seeing and feeling the benefits and it sounds like you re really loving it. I also waited to start until I could devote myself to the program. I am glad I did because it feels awesome to give 100%. Now I actually have the energy to do everything else and maintain this lifestyle. I never thought I would be doing my work (stay at home artist), studying, taking care of my animals and my home, AND cooking healthy and going to the gym. Before it was like "okay, pick one and then I am maxed out mentally and physically". Not anymore baby!

  • Yaaaayy!! Today I was gettin ready to ride my bike to hang out with some friends, and I heard a little "eeep eeep eeep" from my parakeet's nest box...they layed 6 eggs and I checked them all yesterday to see if they are all fertile (they are) and today the first baby hatched! I know it doesn't really have much to do with BFL, I am just so excited! Baby!!!!

  • Thanks for the reply.  I am day 2 and I put on my big girl pants and did my upper body in the weight room like I knew what I was doing.  I was still the only girl but that was ok because everyone is just doing their own thing.  I feel very proud of myself because now I am not intimidated to go in there Wednesday to do lower body!  My arms are literally shaking right now while I am typing.  I know I will be sore tomorrow but I can't wait to see the results and I AM going to stick with this.  

  • Congrats on the new birdie Caity.  @Susan...don't let anyone intimidate you.  You have as much right to be in the gym as anyone else.  Congrats on trudging through the workout!  Day 2 workout of my new Challenge is complete.  All going well so far.  Feel like I may be getting my kids cold, but I'm trying to attack it before it gets a chance to settle in.  Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!