Continued weight gain-at what point do I lose?

  • I am hoping for basic info on the issue of weight loss on the program for people with a natural muscular build. I know muscle weighs more then fat. I am in week 4 and notice I keep adding more weight. I can move more weight in the gym and notice that I am  a lot stronger however need to lose weigh because of joint pain. Just this week alone I am up 5 lbs.  

    For those with muscular baseline, at what point do you notice the weight decrease? My ideal weight is probably 240 LBS. I am at 285 and probably up 10+ pounds despite health eating since starting the program. I do notice less fat though curious if anyone else has had the same issue and when they crossed over to  traimming stage? Thanks for any pearls of wisdom. 


  • I can't think of any good reason for you to be up 10 pounds in 4 weeks.  All I can suggest is that you follow the book strictly.  Three weight workouts a week - 45 minutes per, alternating upper body and lower body workouts.  Three intense cardio sessions using HIIT as described in the original BFL book - and hit your 10's.  Eat by-the-book.  Six meals, palm sized protein portion, fist sized carb, add some veggies.  And lastly drink lots of water.  If you do all of those things 6 days a week, you should be able to enjoy a free day on the 7th day and still not gain weight.

    Good luck, you can do this!

  • What's a typical day for you for eating?  Can you list a sample daily eating plan?  Seems odd that you'd gain 10 pounds.  If your goal is to lose 45 pounds, you shouldn't have any problems with the first 20.  As Dave said, follow the book exactly.  Portion sizes are a key part to the program.  Don't just eyeball it, because you'll most likely eat too much.  Also, choose simple foods.  Don't try to get all extravagant.  Chicken, brown rice, and veggie.  Where pasta is an authorized carb, I try to stay away from it after lunch, as I feel it has too many carbs.  I've never really had good luck with it, when I ate it for dinner.


  • If you truely are following the program as designed you should have lost something the first week.  You are either eating more than you should or improper snacking.  Something to look into and keep a log of your daily intake.  You might be taking in to much of something you shouldn't be.  Like what MJelly said...pasta, wheat...something is not right in your eating habits...

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • I have a muscular build by default and I lost 10lbs of weight (going from 236 to 226 in the first 3 weeks) while also gaining a fairly significant amount of muscle mass.  It is possible to do.

    I see no mention of the cardio workouts in your post, so be sure that you're doing them 3 times a week for 20 minutes of high intensity interval training each session.  The metric for success in the diet program is not "eat healthy" but rather a specified regimen:  6 meals per day with ONLY a palm sized portion of protein and carbs for each meal.  If a meal replacement shake, like an EAS myoplex, is used, then that should substitute for 1 meal and should be used no more than twice a day.  There is an authorized food list and everything should come from that.  If it's not on there, it shouldn't be used.  You shouldn't be using cooking oils, condiments like ketchup and mayo, shouldn't be drinking fruit juices, sugar soda, coffee with creamer/sugar, etc.  Snacking is not part of the body for life program, so be sure to eat your 6 meals on regular intervals to curb the urge to grab a small bite here and there.

    If you're having questions about specifics, please tell us what you're doing and if you'd like, we can give advice as to what is missing or what needs to be reduced and I'm sure you will see results.