Starting the Challenge Today!!--June 24th, 2013

  • Hey everyone!  I am so excited to finally be able to start the challenge today.  I have had a neck injury that has kept me sidelined from doing the challenge, but I am finally medically cleared to be able to start this challenge.  I have always be thin as long as I can remember (112 pounds), and I hope to change all of the around by doing this challenge.  I know that I will be able to get tons of help from those that have already done the challenge, and I am excited to see what happens in the next twelve weeks.

  • Good luck and stick with it as best as you can, but also, don't let it bother you if you mess up a bit...we all do!!

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • Good luck..look forward to seeing you add the muscle.

  • Just remember to give yourself proper time to stretch before each workout.  I stretch everything from head to toe, and though it adds more time, it is so beneficial to having a safe and productive workout.  The other thing you want to focus on during the weight sessions is your form.  Keep good form, and you drastically lower your chance for injury.  Sacrifice higher weight for proper form every time you lift.  If you're injured, you sure as heck won't be making the gains you want to make!  Good luck!