Can any day be Free Day?

  • I'm about to start programme but I've two problems?

    I want my Free Day to be Saturday. However, my gym doesn't open on Sundays. Is it possible to do an Aerobics workout (which I'll be doing at home) on the "first day" of  Days 1-7 and mix them around about so it fits in with my free day?


    Sunday - Aerobics

    Monday - Weights

    Tuesday - Aerobics

    Wed - Weights

    Thurs - Aerobics

    Fri- Weights

    Sat- FREE DAY

  • Absolutely.  Good luck!

  • A lot of people have different days as their free day.  Just make it consistent for you.  Same with your workout schedule.  If you choose to start with aerobics, that's fine.  Just get in your weight sessions throughout the week.  Good luck!


  • I have always made my Free days ...Tuesday due to work and midweek time issues and that seems to workout better for me and still works with the Success Journal as well.

  • My free days are Sundays.  Only cause it is the ONLY day I get to rest. So I also eat what I want that evening.

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