Hello all,... Im a newby.. I just registered but is it too late to start this challenge? Is there an official 12 week start?

  • I found a ''new''book and journal at a garage sale a few days ago (lucky me, it was only $2 bucks for both!!) and thought Id look into site as well and stumbled on this ''real'' challenge! Id love to be apart of it if its not to late to start, I actually started today and Im still gonna do the 12 weeks either way but wondering if I can do the ''official'' 1 still?? does anyone know?

  • I am starting next week officially on Monday. I think as long as you start during the "window" you are OK.

  • Hey Boflexn, you can start the challenge any time. You will fall into the "Group 4" window. If you need or want any support through the challenge, just let me know.

    GreenCrayon: I'm starting the challenge on the 24th as well. I'd be glad to join up in a group with you for the added support.