Just took my before pictures and Im physically ill

  • I'm just going to lay it all out here. I have been doing the workouts for about a week while I read the book. Finished the book and took my pictures. I was actually feeling strong from the consistent work outs....then I saw myself. Oh my god. How has this happened?  I know how it has happened but I had no idea I looked so bad. I would love to hear from some people that have started close to 200. I'm a female by the way. How do I do this?? I'm so overwhelmed and discouraged. Sorry for the negativity  I will do my best not to go here again :( 

  • Well, I started at 190 pounds on June 3rd. Definitely look at your picture as motivation. You can do this, don't be discouraged.

    My own personal motivation is knowing that I don't want to remain the same.  Yesterday, I craved Laffy Taffy and wanted to eat a pack of Cinnamon Rolls. Instead I went to bed.  I ended up missing my sixth meal, but I didn't eat any junk either.  

    That picture will help give you the willpower to stick to the plan during the tough moments.

    And, keep doing the workouts. And, know that you will begin to feel better on the inside before it shows on the outside.  

  • You take it one day at a time, one workout at a time, one meal at a time.  Let your pictures be the inspiration to hit your 10's and eat clean.  You can't fix this in a day, but you can fix this.  Remember, if you do nothing to change for the next 12 weeks, the best you can hope for is to look like the pictures you just took.  But if you get up every day and give this your best, you can see big changes at the end of those 12 weeks.  One day at a time.  You CAN do this!

  • I started June 3rd. I am 5'7 and weighed 192, which is a number I hate. I know how you feel about the before pictures, so unattractive. Today is a new day and I'm taking things one day, one workout, one meal at a time. I am still adjusting to the program, but at least I am working towards becoming a better me. Hang in there. I have an 18 month old and was 221 before giving birth. My heaviest weight ever! My pre-preg weight was 173. That is my first goal in the journey, to get back there. I will make it happen eventually and you will reach your goals as well. Just stick with it and don't give up! Good Luck!

  • Just think about how great your after pics are going to look!

  • I'm a guy and I don't like my pics either. But hey just think of how

    Powerful your testimony could be to yourself and others as a result of


  • I started at 247 pounds. I dropped to 197 pounds in one challenge. When I first started, most of the gym machines were not suitable for someone my weight and I was the biggest woman (or man) in the gym. I was an embarrassment in motion. You can't look down on yourself. Trust me, you are way way ahead of many people who would love to be your current weight now and take it from there. I used to be one. Just persevere and remember that this is a mental strength game, the exercise itself is the "easy" part.

  • Hey, you don't have to apologze for the negativity. I know that feeling as do many other people here. We all have different 10s in te gym, and we have different levels where we find our own bodies unacceptable. I know I stopped looking in the  mirror when I got to that point, and to see my before pictures was shocking and humbling. It gave me a clear picture of where I was and where I had to go. My back was the scariest thing for me to see....I knew it wasn't great because I could feel the fat folds ALL the time, which was especially uncomfortable in a bra. But it was different to look. It takes courage. For me, it was also the beginning of something new. I took the pictures to have future proof of how I used to look. That's how I thought of them and it helped a lot. I posted progress pics on this forum almost every week, and people were SO encouraging. I really was seeing progress weekly and wanted other people to know that it is absolutely possible to change when you do it right. My shame had tortured me enough and I didn't need it as motivation.

    I like what Getupinfinite said. The pride I had for what I was doing was not all that motivatng either, I wasn't sure enough of myself to be proud. It was mostly just wanting to give hope to other bigger people, which I could do with regular progress pics. It helped me to not cheat and skip because peo0ple were asking m "where's your next picture?" Look up a post called "healthy vision", I talked about my before pic and how it related to my motivation. I made a drawing and offered to do them for whoever wants one....it was helpful to me and now I look even better! I thought I would have to lose a LOT of weight to look good. You can see my before and after in my profile...I started at 240 and in 12 weeks I lost 20 -25 lbs. Don't focus on the scale number, it can make you sick. It did to me for years anyway. When I just put all my effort into eating right, and doing the cardio and weights just like in the book, I was really feeling skinnier. A few weeks in I stepped on the scale at te doctor and again at walmart and had lost hardly anything.....but I was fitting into pants I wore when I weighed in the 180's. Seeing the number still made me feel like dog crap and made me want to do bad things to lose scale weight. It was because of people here that I stayed on track and didn't do unhealthy things to lose more weight on the scale....thank God because you always pay for it somewhere else.

    So I would say that I was able to do it by having no scale in my home and doing it one day at a time, exactly like it says in the book, and getting support from people online just like you are doing.. And I am still doing it, the rewards physically and mentally just keep coming and I am more and more thankful for the change all the time.