Lean 15

  • I just started body for life.  I have been using the lean 15 for a couple days now.  Then on the home page of body for life it has an ad about lean 15,  when I clicked on it on my iphone it came up with a barracuda filter saying illegal drug.  It made me nervous because at my job they have random drug tests.  I would sure hate to get fired for using a protein supplement.  Could anyone shed some light on this subject.

  • There is nothing illegal about EAS Lean 15.  Not sure why a filter came up on it.  IMO, EAS makes top quality products, and I highly doubt Abbot Industries is going to risk their credibility with anything illegal.


  • I just realized that it was my works Internet that had the filter but wonder why.

  • nikemiles,

    Wow! We've never heard of this! We tried to replicate this on a desktop and mobile device and did not receive any filters or pop ups. There was not any evidence of faulty URLs or anything illegal so it may have been a random fluke. We want you to feel confident in our products so click here for more information on our 100% EAS Certified Program: http://eas.com/certified

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team