• I just started BFL for the first time on Monday. I have had absolutely no exercise for at least five years. Yesterday was Wednesday, my second weights day, and I am so sore I can hardly walk. I don't know how I'm going to do cardio later today. First question: how can I get through these first few weeks?

    Next, I am concerned about my "before" pictures that I uploaded. The shrunk vertically, making me look like an oompa loompa. Is this normal? They are 1200 x 1807, Jpg, 471k, 72dpi - just absolutely normal Jpgs. I tried to put them in the Media gallery to see if that helped, but when I selected the file to upload, there was no upload button. What gives with that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Good morning. Can't help you with the picture issue. However, as a personal trainer I can tell you that being sore, after not exercising for awhile, is normal. It may take up to 4 or 5 days to loose some of that soreness, but the next time you work those body parts it will be much better. It is a great wake up call to you, that if your body is reacting  by being that sore, that it was long over due for a work out. Use that pain as a reminder and motivation to yourself that you will never let yourself get this out of shape again. And determine to press forward and have the fitness level, energy and body that was intended for you.

  • Can't help you with the pics, but the soreness will pass!  Stick with it and do your best.  Your cardio should actually help loosen you up a little (temporarily!) but you'll likely be sore for a few days as you get going.  You can do this!

  • My pictures did the same thing, I even tried resizing and trying again. I think it is because the box they fit it into is a square and the file they tell you to put in it is 4x6. Like when you put a picture on your desktop and tell it to stretch to fit the screen everything is distorted. The actual file they will receive will be with proper proportion, I think the little "avitar" sized box just shows up weird. They can't possibly judge your body change on those tiny pictures. When they open the file it should be fine.  

    I think Oompa Loompa is an excellent description though.

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  • Thanks for the pep talk. I really need it. One of the things I do is tend to go too hard when I shouldn't. With yesterday being my first lower body workout, I think I definitely pushed it too hard. I'm walking like a zombie, crying like a baby and watching the last few hours on the clock melt away until it's time to go to the gym. I guess it is what it is. If I just go today, that takes care of itself. Then there is only tomorrow to worry about. Then, hopefully, the worry will go away and I might actually look forward to going.

  • Thanks Mom2Boyz. Thanks to seeing the pics in your profile, and seeing them normal, I was able to upload mine to a profile, and they came out fine. So I can forget about that issue. However, it does also answer the question, "Does my butt look big in these shorts?" Dang. I gotta keep going though. When my oldest daughter said to me, "When's your due date?" I was truly hurt. So now I am on this journey, and if I falter along the way, I must count on others to help guide me. Then I in turn can help others. After all, a teacher or a student is but a half step ahead or behind each other.

  • I was really sore too..I couldn't hardly pull my pants up..but in the book (have you read the book? I highly recommend reading it), it says in the book that you do slight tears I the muscles and that's what makes them grow..that's the pain so no pain no gain is true! Just keep at it..your going in the right direction :)))