Too Big??

  • I am about to start the program. I wanted to start for the June 10th, but kept getting called into work and "never found the time". I'm sure it was my way of putting off something I was too scared to start. I read the book and did the program with my brother YEARS ago, when I was too young to enter the challenge. I was in amazing shape, but then laziness and school and college hit me and I quit doing all of the things that made me feel good long term and focused on what would satisfy me for the moment which has gotten me where I am now.

    Anyway, I have seen the past champions and success stories and I am wondering if I am going to be able to do the challenge or if I am just too big. At 280 pounds and 5'8" I am a lot more out of shape than all of the pictures I see on the website. Physically, I feel good and it was only recently when looking at pictures that I saw how truly out of shape I look.

    Is anyone else feeling this way or am I the only one?

  • If you watch some of the youtube videos..on body-for-life will see some people have lost over 100 pounds using this! Hope this helps inspire you! You can do might take more than one Challenge, but it's worth it..because the book says that if you have 50 pounds to lose, it might take more than one challenge???

    I'm like you...I'm taking it one day at a time, but I believe in the challenge!

  • You can do this!! Just make sure you check with your doctor of course to be aware of any factors that could be unsafe otherwise it truly is one day at a time like Angelpants said. If you need an extra break during the first few workouts take it. Remember your intensity levels are truly YOUR levels so as long as you are being honest with yourself and truly challenging yourself this WILL work. Best of luck now go conquer this!

  • Hi. Any attempts to eat right and exercise will be good as long as doctor does not say there is a problem. I understand being scared of failure but with living healthy all effort teaches us and helps move us towards our goals. Just remember that old habits are sometimes hard to break and if you go back to something unhealthy you are allowed to get right back to new healthy habits with no judgement from us (or hopefully yourself).  Mike

  • Greetings Jackilynn,   When I started my first BFL CHallenge years ago (3 years to be correct), I weighed almost 287lbs at 5 "11 and now weigh about 226 with a much higher muscle percentage and lower BMI than back then. So, it can be done , you just have to be patient, plan, have resolve and stick with the program so to speak. Keep Moving Forward gal!!!!

  • You're never too big. The great thing about this challenge is that you can do it no matter what kind of shape you're in because it evolves with you as you progress. Start small, and you can do more and more as you go! :)

  • My heart sank when I didn't see people as big as me in the champion before pictures. But then I saw a woman named "Mina Hobbi" in the success stories. Her after wasn't swim suit model perfect after 12 weeks, but it was after 24 weeks! Her transformation was so stunning, I thought about her every day. EVERY time I thought that it was going to take too long for me and I just wanted to let it slip away, I thought of her. I would sometimes feel like "oh I am not going to look amazing in 12 weeks, I am going to do it 3 times so a little cheat won't hurt".....but then I thought "well Mina Hobbi said she didn't cheat, and that must be why she accomplished what she dd in 24 weeks. If I cheat it will take even LONGER".

    I put my pictures in my profile. You can see what I have been able to do so far. Just don't tell yoursef its not worth doing because it takes so long. You will be unable to imagine your life witout it when you give yourself a chance to change!

    And if you ever need support or encouragement, you can always contact me. I know it ain't easy physically OR emotionally to start out bigger than the people in the champion pictures. I was always the biggest person in my gym until recently. But you can do it and we are here to help you!