Before Photos..I start the Challenge you have to upload before photos in the Media Gallery to qualify?

  • I'm not not sure if it's a rule you "have" to upload before photos in the media gallery to qualify in the challenge? 

    I'll probably call the number listed to be sure..anyone know?

    that will be painful lol:)

    Thanks BFL family:))

  • No, you don't have to upload them before.  If you're submitting your package electronically, you'll have to upload them eventually to submit the package, but you can do your before and after pictures on the same day if you want.


  • Oh ok..I was confused because it said upload your thought you had to, but looking at the Media Gallery, I'm sure every challenge contestant hasn't entered a before picture on there or it would be hundreds of before photos, but there's not that many!

    Well I did my first workout this morning..even though I'm sick..I made myself do it lol..felt good..tried to eat, but couldn't keep the food down for some stomach must be upset..oh well..nothing is going to stop me from finishing challenge..not even being sick with a cold:)))