Starting The Challenge June 10, 2013

  • Wow!  Lots of good ideas here!  You guys ROCK!  

    Spunkygal10 - what do you do for work?  I try hard to inspire the people I work with about BFL, but so far no converts.  I plan to really hit it hard this time and let my body do the talking.  :o)  

    Kermienme - my advice would be to plan very well.  Since you are sidelined for the moment this could be your time to do just that.  I stock my deep freeze with homemade BFL meals and rarely eat out when doing BFL.  Save money, eat better, and for me mostly to resist temptation.  My worst moments are when I am starving and don't have anything at my fingertips, especially protein that is already cooked.  I'd done BFL half-heartedly before and did well, but as I got closer to my goal and desired body I learned I had to really take a very close look at what I was eating and portion sizes.  I was wayyyyy off on portion sizes.  I used to track my calories which helped greatly.  The nutrition aspect, for me, was about 80% of the program.  Also, take multiple types of measurements because there will be times the scale will go up or stall out.  If you are numbers driven (like me) seeing a smaller number on a tape measure will keep you motivated.  Also, someone turned me onto the Dr. Hussman website.  It explains why BFL works and has more inspiring articles.  And the support of talking to others on this site is VERY important!  

    I promise I won't drone on and on all the time.  Sorry.  I'm just so excited we are all doing this together.    

    Mom2Boyz - that is some incline you are working on that treadmill - you go girl!  I'm impressed!

    Keep it up everybody and have a geat night.


  • LOVE the name "POWER TO CHANGE" ... :-) So true..we DO have the power to do anything we want...I used to be so strong and always thought that way, I felt like I could do anything I put my mind to and DID...

    martial arts, weight lifting, running all after the age of 40 :-) Had shoulder surg 3 years ago, out of work a year , gained 10 lbs...that started it... I'm a nurse in the emergency room x 41 years !! Changed "for a break" to a Mon - Fri job which I HATE  gained another 10 a desk more ( NOT ME)), also not a "day person" worked 12 noon to midnight before.

    Anyway that's my story...just got in a "RUT" .

    Trying to get started, leading a "biggest Loser" contest at work using BFL principles, have a walk run group on Sundays here in NYC. Have to PLAN and stick to it ...that is the key.

    I did a "natural bodybuilding "  contest at age 50, made amazing changes in my body doing BFL, have started and stopped SOOOO many times :-(  got my black belt in karate at age 47 , have there are NO excuses ... lets do this together...STENGTH IN NUMBERS !!!

      spunkygal 2012   

  • Hello everyone!  How is day 9 going for the original starters and how are the day going for those that began after the 10th?  It is so nice to come to the forum and learn new things and also.learn from those that have done BFL prior to this particular challenge.

    I had posted a link to an article I read regarding HIIT from spark people a few days ago. I found the read very interesting as I am learning about in the BFL book. I probably would have never been interested before wanting to apply BFL.  I am hoping that when I recover from the surgery that when I do the cardio that I have the courage to crank up the speed.  I always worry about my tachycardia kicking in however, I had read that I can take it at my personal level. Which, will begin low.

    Powertochange, thank you for your pearls of wisdom. I will heed your advice. I am a numbers person and have a binder filled with inches lost and regained. What will be different when I get the go ahead to begin is that 12 weeks from the start date, I will be 15 pounds lighter and many more inches smaller with more to lose.  Thank you!

    Spunkygal10, how very inspiring that you accomplished all that you had written after the age of 40. I am a little over a decade from that and find your results very inspiring!

    Everyone else, wish I had the opportunity to read the posts on prior pages so I may comment. I just want to say that you are all awesome to me and I hope to join you soon on the journey to a healthier and more slender and muscular group!

    Great job all!

  • Happy Friday!  Hope all are doing well on day 11!  You are all very inspiring to me. Have a blessed day!

  • Happy Friday everyone. I love coming on here and reading all of the positivity. Have a long day in the car today (taking the kids to the orthodontist 3 hours away), but our food is already planned out and will be packed. And i'm going to take them to this huge park thats on the river and get in a workout for all three of us before the ride back home.

    Kermienme: You will be back on BFL before you know it! In the mean time I'll be sending positive thought for a speedy recovery.

    Have a WONDERFUL Friday my BFL friends!

    Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win.” - Tim Tebow

  • Thank you, Momtoboys!   Probably In a month.  Suggested light workout and no twisting until then.  The park sounds like loads of fun!  Very admirable with three children and preparing everything.  Have a great weekend!

  • Well, I just finished week #2.  Though I lost 6 lbs the first week, I only lost a net of 1 lb this second week, and I learned a valuable lesson about my Sunday Rest Days, which I'll share with everyone here.  

    I didn't just relax my diet last Sunday after week one, I gorged, and as a result, between the end of my workout last Saturday and my Monday morning workout I gained back 3 of the 6 lbs I had lost the first week.  I re-focused for the rest of the week but it took me until Thursday to lose those 3 lbs again, and then I lost another lb by Friday, and Saturday my weight was the same.  So, though I lost 4 lbs between Monday and Saturday, I actually only lost a net of 1 lb for the week, week #2.  Very frustrating.  But I am feeling great, and looking forward to getting back on track this week, both  pushing myself in the gym, and being strict about my eating habits.  This Sunday, my Rest Day, I will not gorge.  That was a huge mistake.  I think i'll stick to my meal regiment on Sunday, but maybe enjoy sometime I wouldn't normally eat for one of the Sunday meals, and not over do that either.  Lesson learned:  Sunday is a Rest Day, a Relax Day, not a license to gorge!

  • Well today is Day 14 and it's going great for me, I've only had 1 cheat day and that was this past Sat. I ate a Bubba 33 and it was so gooood.  The first week I didn't desire to cheat.  So week one I lost 4lbs and week 2 I've lost 1 pd.  I can feel my muscles growning and I'm very proud of that.  I took swimming lessons last month so now on my cardio days I'm doing a 20-30 HIIT on the treadmill then I jump in the pool for some laps.  I'm loving it.

    My food intake is awesoml, I'm eating according to the book minus that last snack (meal #6)  I just go to bed to early to get that in and I'm not hungry at all after dinner.

    I pray you all are doing great and it's awesome to see how this thread is growning.

  • I don't eat that last snack either. By the time dinner is done and it's time for bed, I'm just not hungry.

    I have been doing good with my eating but not as good as I should be with my exercising. I guess just not the planned workout type. Played at the park with my kids and the dog, moved railroad ties, and tilled my garden which was a workout and made my muscles tired, but I'm not sure it's enough if I'm not doing the prescribed workouts. Need to find my best way to stay focused. I was using my phone (myfitnesspal) to track everything, but I am bad about talking the time to find everything in the brand categories. I have a book for keeping track. I think I will be going to that this week.

    Nater, I have found with that on free days I just eat everything in sight and then I never seem to make any progress. Having you explain exactly how your body weight worked for you during those days makes sense. So I think my plan for this Sunday will be one meal for the day as something I have been craving but don't feel I should be eating. Then I eat that meal on Sunday, but don't go back for seconds. Thanks for the motivation!

    Have a great week everyone. Stay strong and don't give up!

    Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win.” - Tim Tebow

  • MomBoyz, I have a book  called "The Big Book of exercise"  Its a women's health book with tons of exercises for the different body parts that I use along with BFL book.  I put on some jeans today that I wore two weeks ago and I can tell the difference all ready.  You need to do the prescribed  exercises they tell you to.  It's really working for me and I too try to do the one cheat meal on my free day.  

  • Well, I'm half way thru week #3, and am back on track, down 3 lbs so far this week, that's 10 lbs total so far.  I was out late last night, and was so exhausted this morning that I skipped today's lower body/abs workout.  The guilt got to be so much that I did it at 4:30 pm instead.  Sweltering hot, and crowded then, but better late than never.  I am so glad I motivated.

    I have a food question or two that I hope someone can answer:  

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a tasty and healthy and light, and inexpensive, salad dressing, one that would be acceptable to the Body For Life program?  Also, is there a type of lettuce that has more nutritional value than plain old iceberg lettuce?  I got leafy green Romaine lettuce last time; I imagine spinach leaves might be even better, but they're so small.  I could then mix up a great salad, and just add some kind of protein, maybe sliced chicken breast or salmon, maybe scallops (If they're approved, I'll have to check), or even sliced lean steak.


  • I just finished the 3rd Week of the 12 Week Challenge that began June 10th, and am down 11 lbs total to date.  I lost 4 more pounds this week, so I'm averaging just under 4 lbs per week.

    I learned another lesson about the nutrition plan.  I had gotten down to my current 276 lbs by the end of my Thursday morning cardio workout, so I had hoped that by today, Saturday morning, I'd lose another pound, but I did not.  I believe the reason is two fold.  I was getting tired of just drinking water, so I got lemonade at the store, but diluted it into thirds, two parts water, 1 part lemonade, to minimize the calories.  It might have worked, adding just a little flavor to the water, except that I drank maybe five tall glasses of it throughout the day; i might as well have had two or three cans of Coke.  Also, because last night, Friday, for my evening meal I got a little too creative, I had a shaker cup of 20 grams of protein powder and water along with a 1/2 bag of Ruffles potato chips, family size.  I rationalized the chips would be the carbs.  Wrong.  I suspect if I hadn't done that I might have lost an additional pound.  Now, I didn't gorge at all this week like I did at the end of my first week so I wasn't set back, but I clearly cheated some and it slowed down my weight loss some.  Lesson learned... again.

    It looks like people aren't keeping up with the team approach on this June 10th Challenge blog.  I wish you all would.  We can learn from each other, and motivate each other.  I am still hoping someone will answer my earlier question.

    Good luck all.

  • Hey Nater!

    I have a dressing at home I can post later. Iceberg is the least nutritional you can get. I lean toward red leaf (dark green with red on the tips) it's my favorite, and then of course spinach is very good for you. Baby spinach seems to be the best in salads in my opinion. Also I know this sounds weird but I got really tired of eating salad so I started cutting it up in to little pieces. I have a big Tupperware and I add the red leaf lettuce, cauliflower, and broccoli all diced in equal portions. Then I dice carrots and add them, but not in an equal portion (more like half as much). Then this big tub is full and I keep it in the fridge. Then when I have salad sometimes I just eat it like that, but other times (like for lunch) I will add a Starkist pack of salmon, chicken, tuna, or shrimp. Usually something leftover from the night before. I also like Tillamook's olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.

    I have lost another pound so I am down 4 pounds total in 3 weeks. No what I would like it to be, but down is always good. I have been exercising but not following the set program. Things like building a fire pit, mowing the lawn for 45 min with a push mower, building fence. I feel like I am getting exercise, my muscles hurt, and my weight is dropping. This week the goal is to get in my designated exercises. My eating is going really good, and will the changes I've had to make for my husband as well, everyone is eating better and feeling good.

    Have a great week everyone!

    Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win.” - Tim Tebow

  • I am loaded with energy, the no caffeine tiredness has passed and I feel even better than I did when I was drinking 4 cups of coffee every morning. All of the water is helping with my skin, which helps with my confidence, which motivates me to work harder. It's fantastic.

    My little cheesy note for the day: I have my motivations for getting healthy written on my bathroom mirror in dry erase marker so that I can see them every morning. At the top of the mirror it says "When I reach my goal I will..." then all around the mirror it says things like "Be an example for my children", "feel confident, feel beautiful, feel sexy", "be the best version of me"...and on and on (there are like 8-10 of them). My 8yr old came up to me the other day and this was our conversation:

    "Mom, are you trying to be all those things your mirror says?"


    "Mom, you already are all of those things" and hugged me.

    I think my heart could have burst!!!

    Food: I made grilled pizza the other night. My family (mainly the boys) are pizza addicts and my husband and I cant eat it anymore like we used to so here was my solution. I made a homemade whole wheat pizza crust and brushed it with olive oil, then I grilled it (yes, like outside on the grill) once the first side was done I flipped it, sprinkled it with salt and pepper, topped with fresh basil (my kids picked it off our plant, they love to do that), and low-fat Mozzarella (not a lot, just a light coating). Closed the grill until the cheese melted, and served. It was FANTASTIC. My kids and husband LOVED it. Crisis averted ;-)

    Have a fantastic day everyone!!!

    Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win.” - Tim Tebow

  • I just finished Week #4, and though I lost two more pounds, it is frustrating.  I was down to 276 lbs last Saturday after that cardio workout.  Then between Saturday and Monday I gained three back.  This time I didn't gorge, but I did break my diet a little bit repeatedly the entire weekend, giving the same result as gorging, meaning I gained three of the four pounds back that I had lost the prior week.  so Monday after my morning upper body workout I was back up to 279 lb.  by this morning, Saturday morning, I was down to 274 lbs, a loss of 5 lbs from Monday to Saturday, but a net of only 2 lbs from Sat to Sat which is my normal comparison period.  The weight I've lost each of the first four weeks is 6 lbs, 1 lbs, 4 lbs, 2 lbs, a total of 13 lbs, so acceptable but not what I had hoped.  Lesson:  Enjoy a little something different for a meal on your rest day if you like, but don't go over board... stick to the nutritional plan faithfully for six days and only adjust if a tad on the seventh day if you really want to.