Starting The Challenge June 10, 2013

  • Thanks Angelpants, I love my workout time but I have cut back a lot.  I know it will constantly be a strugle for me but I'm going to do my best.  This week when I was finished with the workout I just went for a walk.

  • It's day 5 and I feel great, I'm down 4lbs and the food in the recipe book is actually really good and I love the shakes.  Still having trouble getting that sixth meal (snack) in but I'm full so I just go to bed.  I use to get in bed around 8pm then I started spending more time with the family at night so I'm working on 8:30 now.  I hope you all have a great TGIF and stay focused and motivated.

  • Thank you for your prayers. Shelleystime, what you said was just what I needed to hear. When feeling out of control, grab onto something that is within my control. BFL will be it. After I read it I sat back and thought "yeah...that is exactly what I am going to do!" I wrote out my plan for today and the weekend of exercise. Sunday won't be a free day for me this weekend. I have not been doing my exercises and cheated on food last night, but have no intention of giving up. I have even created my workouts to include my boys so I won't feel like I'm taking away from them. Thanks again for everyones support of each other.

    Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win.” - Tim Tebow

  • Runnergirl - Your energy amazes me, and you are an inspriration to the goal I have set for myself!! Keep up the amazing work. I was down 3 lbs yesterday.

    Everyone - Are we going to post our progress once a week or anything? Stuff like changes in weight and summary of our week's success (or hick-ups) with food and exercise.

    Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win.” - Tim Tebow

  • I was sick the day I started the challenge June 10th..just yesterday i drank a bottle of nyquil and was in bed for a day and a half! Some "bug" I think, been fighting it all week..I feel 100% better today! I actually did my lower body workout the day I went home throwing up! I was determined to do my exercises!  I weighed myself today and I lost 6 pounds, probably dehydration since I didn't eat for two days.  I'm feeling 100% better...I'm serious as a heart attack about finishing my challenge! They will have to put me in the hospital to stop me lol! no really!

  • Wow!  Looks like all of you are beginning to find what works for each of you. Runnergirl, you enjoy exercise so you are trying to keep the reigns with this program. Great job on the 4 pound loss.  Mom2boys, keeping your focus on your goals may help you through this very stressful time. Please remember that we are here for you!   Shellystime and ak28star, bravo for getting your workouts in!  Angelpants!  You've got some real perseverance. Way to go on the 6 pound loss!  Bravo to all of you!  I am slowly recovering and wished that I was doing the program with all of you!

  • Just finished the 1st week of the 12 week challenge that I began Monday June 10, 2013.  I lost 6 lbs, as of Sat post workout.  

    Great start, and feeling better than I have in years.  Really pushing the cardio and strictly adhering to the nutritional intake guidelines.  I overdid my first lower body workout on Wednesday, and could barely move the next few days, and still very sore but gradually improving, so will continue to work thru it and proceed.  My goal is 3 lbs or more every week, so a great start, but I suspect the first few weeks will be easier to lose due to eliminating excess water weight first... just a guess...

  • My first five days I've lost 4lbs

  • Hi Everybody!

    i know I'm a little behind, but I'd like to join your group.  I'm starting tomorrow.  This will be my second challenge.   I finished the last one in September and had great results but then let my diet slip a little bit. During my last challenge I discovered I LOVED cycling and used it for my cardio.  Although I don't think of myself as an athlete, last week I did the Bike Ride Across Nebraska.  471 miles on a bicycle in 7 days.  Whew!  It was hard work but we had fun.  I also dubbed last week as "Pie Week" as we ate like crazy trying to keep the calories up, including pie with every evening meal.  Needless to say the scale went up just a wee bit.  

    RunnerGirl2 - I am going to have a hard time keeping my cycling down to 20 or 30 minutes.  Guess I will have to work on the intensity factor.  Let me know how it is going with your running.  Wow, I am impressed by people that run.  For some reason I just don't have that in me, but I can understand how you love it.

    It's going to take me a bit to get all the posts read and figure out who everybody is.  Just wanted to say "Hi", hope everybody is doing well and since it's Sunday that we are all getting prepped to have a great BFL week!  I know I am.

    "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out" - Robert Collier.  

    My version when the bike rides last week got hard "JUST KEEP PEDDLING".  (And it worked!  Wow!)  Let's all keep peddling.  It's our persistence and the choices we make every day that matter.


  • Welcome, Powertochange!  Your cycling sounds awesome!  I will be officially doing BFL with this group when I have healed from an unexpected surgery this past Monday.  Since this will be your second challenge perhaps you can give us some pointer's.  just like the wonderful quote you shared. Very inspiring!  Thank you!

  • Hope you a

    L had a great first week on the program, I did pretty good. I've lost 4lbs the first week, my eating habits are as the book directs and the exercise is going great.  I'm feeling good about this and not going to fail. I plan on being a champion

  • I am starting Jun 21st I just discovered BFL yesterday and would love to join you all!

  • Hi everyone , I'm Sherry started June10th (not a "blogger" so not sure if this post is in the right place)

    I've done BFL many times, teach it at work, that's how much I believe in it !!

    I have 15 lbs to lose...lets do this together :-)

      spunkygal 2012   

  • We can do this Spunkygal10!!!

  • Welcome to the group fitKTleaf09 & Spunkygal10!

    Hope everyone is off to a good start this week. I had a great cardio workout today on the treadmill. I usually avoid it because I can't run due to bad knees. So I did some searching and found a hiking workout. I live in the mountains of Idaho and hiking is "a way of life" here. I just don't do it very often because I'm out of shape. Anyway, I took the workout and tweaked it so that I would follow the interval guidelines. I'm posting it here incase anyone else can't run or just wants to change things up. Of course you can adjust your speeds/inclines to fit your fitness level, but here is what I did.

    Minutes      Speed      Incline

    2                  2.5           2.0

    Repeat the next three 3x

    2                  3.0           4.0

    1                  3.5           5.0

    1                  3.0           8.0


    2                  3.0           4.0

    1                  3.5           5.0

    1                  3.0           8.0

    1                  3.0           10.0

    2                  2.5           2.0

    Total workout time is 21 minutes including warmup and cooldown. As this becomes easier, up the speed/incline will go ;-)

    Have a great BFL day 2 everyone!

    Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win.” - Tim Tebow