Hey everybody! I'm new here!

  • Hello, my name is Ryan.

    I was unfamiliar with Body for Life until my wife (she posts here as Lil Caity) started her first challenge.  In February, she showed me the book and her plan and said "I'm going to spend the next 12 weeks on this."  I was really blown away by how the program had decent fundamentals in exercise and had a simple eating plan.  I was happy for her because it seemed like a good plan because so many plans out there disregard exercise or have some weird fad diet component.

    During her first challenge, I was really motivated by her progress and her positive attitude and it inspired me to promise her that if she finished her first 12 week challenge that I would hop on board and do one myself.

    So, here I am and I started my first 12 week challenge on Monday--even though I was sick.  I had a rough start the first few days but I've been sticking with the meal plan and have started the workouts.  I've been in shape before in my life, so I'm not a newbie to the whole fitness and exercise thing.  However, the last few years have been sort of sedentary as I settled into a new office job.  It was time to get serious and there was no reason to wait anymore.

    I hope to see everyone on the forum during my first challenge!


  • Good luck Ryan, kick some butt!

  • Good Luck Ryan!

    Body for Life Warriors, unite! lol!

  • Welcome aboard, Ryan!  There are several of us who are keeping each other accountable on another thread entitled, "Anyone Starting This Week? 5/27."  Join us on there as we challenge each other along the way!