Haters gonna hate..Doubters gonna doubt......

  • Well..I post my Body-for-life Challenge topics and goals on Facebook and I get a lot of flack from haters and doubters..

    "Friends" saying "you look fine" or the before and after photos of the champions could be deceptive and years apart ..and those people could be using a different program with this one to get these results..well I guess I would be a little skeptical if I hadn't already tried the program before and got dramatic results..so...also thousands of people have used the Body-for-Life and had these results! People are going to be skeptical and negative..it's just the way some people are..

    Guess what? Makes me that much more determined to prove "them" wrong! I just said "well, guess we'll find out..cuz I'm gonna be ripped in 12 weeks!" Haha!!

    One person is well-meaning because this person has been working out for two years to get these results..but the Body-for-Life program is unique because you combine correct eating with intense workouts! I believe in it and nothing is going to stop me from pushing for the results I want!

    **on a different note..I found some really good Youtube videos on Body-for-Life transformations...just type in Body-for-Life Transformations to find them..

    Also..if you google Body-for-Life..there's nothing out there that I found to discredit this program! It works! It works! It really works!

    Well that's my little spill for the day! I start Monday! I took my "before" photos today..painful to look at, but I know my "after" photos are going to be awesum!!

  • It really does work. I have made many wonderful friends over the years through this program. Several of which that are past champions. Their transformations are the proof of this program. I've fiddled around with different programs from time to time, but when I need to get serious and just do it, I come back to Body for Life. Little tweaks can be made from time to time if need be, but you can't beat Body for Life as the foundations of a lifelong fitness lifestyle.

  • Thank you BFLAndy:))..I have Margi Faze as a friend on Facebook..she's a real person..former champion..and still looks incredible!

    I got offended when this "friend" tried to make me doubt the program lol..I defended it..it hurt my feelings..Body-for-life is like my baby lol!! It can do no wrong! Lol:)))

  • Yea I waited to say anything on facebook until I had very noticeable changes, and posted my pix and what I was doing. I don't like when people put in their two cents in ways like "oh that's not possible in such short time unless you want to be really unhealthy". Like it took them 2 years, so if anybody else finds a more eficient way they just can't accept it! But I posted my pictures to show it absolutely can be done, offered to help people get started with a success journal/borrow my book, and that it doesn't have to take forever even when you are really overweight. Nobody in their right mind is going to hate on that.

    You are brave for putting it out there now. And its really awesome that you googled it for credibility and watched videos! That's all I could do for weeks when I started. I just thought it was so awesome and I got a lot of inspiration from googling the successful challengers. I wrote a letter to one who started his own fitness center, and he actually called me on the phone!

    You are doing awesome, and I am really enjoying your posts. Your pictures are super cute too :-)

  • Thanks Lil Caity!!! Yea, those pictures are really old, 2006 I took those after six weeks on the Challenge..I just took my before photos yesterday..oh my lawd! How did this happen lol! I did not post these on Facebook or here yet lol! It really motivates me to really put my heart and soul into it..I'm thinking of starting a youtube journal of my challenge..if it would help someone else!

    Yea...maybe my facebook "friend" should try the Challenge too..lol!  There's so much evidence out there that it works, it's undeniable!

    I will post my before photos after I have been on this program for a while lol..not now, but after I have seen some really good results lol..they are pretty bad..but I think the heavier you are when you start, the more dramatic the results..

    The men seem to have the most dramatic results..men lose weight easier than women I guess.

    Thanks again Lil Caity! and it's awesome your husband is on board with you!!!!


  • ps..some of my other photos, not the 2006 ones, I had lost 30 pounds last summer taking diet pills..bad idea! The side effects are terrible, I couldn't work out, because my heart would race and I couldn't sleep...I lost weight, but I've gained every bit of it back!

    I want to lose weight the right way this time!

  • PSS..lol last one..I had posted the success story of Elizabeth Miller..I had stated that I kinda look like her before photo, except my thighs are quite that big, but I wanted to look like her after photos...she looks incredible! that is what got the hating lol!! well not hating, but the doubting..oh look how tan she is in her after photos, that could have been years later..blah blah..so..anyway..

  • Yeah, unfortunately, you'll always get the haters.  They don't believe the program, but have never really researched it, and they sure as heck haven't tried it.  They can't believe you only work out a little more than 3 hours a week and get the results that you get.  My own sister thinks the program is to "basic", yet she has never tried it.  I think the amount of energy she puts into tracking her nutrition, exercise, and researching new ideas is too complex and time consuming.  BFL is a simple program to follow, which is probably why I enjoy it so much.  It gets the results I desire.  Then you get other people who think you live off protein shakes and not eating any good food.  I let the results speak for themselves.  If they want to know more information, I'll gladly share it with them.  However, normally, I just keep quiet about the program other than on this site.

  • Hi Mjelly! Yea..I believe the work you put into and stick closely to the program, the results reflect that! Yea..Guess I'll be keeping quiet for a while on Facebook until I actually have the proof..then i'm going to be like..in yo face...haters hahaha!

    It's the best program around..and I believe that!  Yea..it's like people that have never had a teenager to deal with giving you advice on how to raise them lol!!!

    I can't wait to start Monday..got myself all psyched up to prove them haters wrong LOL!!

  • LoL, "in yo face"!

    I had not read about Elizabeth Miller until you mentioned her.....what a story!

    And the diet pills.....good grief do I know that feeling you described! I used some heavy duty stuff I got from a doctor and abused it for a decade doing that. I had to pace myself with every little thing because of the racing heart. I lost SO much muscle mass from starving and not exercising. And when I finally quit, my weight sky rocketed to 250lbs cuz I was soo hungry and malnourished. I was also sick and tired beyong belief and had to go to the doctor all the time. I am glad you didn't get hooked there for too long....it can be deadly! The worst was having hardly any strength and then being so heavy. Everything hurt.

    I used to really believe I needed to do that to look good. I found out that in the long run you just feel like hammered crap and then gain weight like crazy. Thank goodness we found a better way!

  • Yep It's gonna be like all in yo face haters hahaha! I just uploaded a funny picture in my files called skeptical..it's a hippo..it says..skeptical hippo is skeptical hahaha! that to the doubters lol!! I wish I could figure out how to upload in a thread like everyone else...guess I have to figure that out..lol.

    Yea..the diet pills..oh my..my mom got me to doing those..they work, but you never eat..and they made me cry all the time, my blood pressure went to borderline levels and I could not sleep!  They are dangerous too! My friend took them and had to go to the emergency room for heart problems!

    I agree Lil caity..this program is a better way!