• Would like to hear some feedback on the effects of coffee (positive & negative) to the BFL plan.  Thanks!

  • I'd love to hear some discussion on this as well.  For example, what's the story with powdered creamer?  I know some of the liquid creamers are loaded with junk (sugar, fat, etc.), but I have to have coffee with creamer or I can't drink it.  Should I not drink coffee at all?  I know it has been shown to rev up the metabolism, but would like to hear others' thoughts on this.  I usually drink one pretty large cup of coffee each morning.

  • I know coffee is mentioned in the book; I drank it through my entire Challenge. Caffeine is actually shown to help with energy levels during workouts so a shot of espresso before your run might actually give you a nice jolt!

    One thing to keep in mind is that caffeine is a diuretic, so if you do have coffee, limit yourself to maybe 1 or 2 cups and drink 2 cups of water for each cup of coffee to offset the dehydration. Also, crummy coffee (overextracted espresso, old ground coffee, cheap coffee, etc) has a high content of tannins and alkaloids that produce a laxative effect; good coffee should never have you rushing to the bathroom! If it does, switch up your brands. Seek out something from a local roaster, if you can, vs Folgers or whatever.

    On creamers: If you need to have cream, look at using unsweetened soy or almond milk (most also have unsweetened chocolate and vanilla flavors). I'd personally recommend that over powdered creamer any day!

  • I am sure that she is right and that coffee is mentioned as an OK in the book. But you do have to watch what you put into it so it doesn't end up a negative on your program.  I use only a very small amount of 2% milk, truvia (3 packs) and a dash of starbucks cocoa and cinnamon for their health effects in mine every morning and have had no negative effects in results so far as this or prior challenges. (still Keep Moving forward) and ps the caffein does seem to help some in the morning too!!! (I only have the one cup each day though).