Very important: Before you hit the gym

  • Most of us are coming from sedentary lifestyles. To some of us, we are not really aware of the toll it has taken on the INSIDE of our bodies. From experience, and seeing fellow BFLers on here and in the gym over the years, many drop out of the program due to three major issues:

    1- Injury : Elaborate stretches for every muscle you exercised that day are at the bottom of your list:

    Failure to emphasize the extreme importance of stretching properly before and after doing a BFL routine (cardio included) is one of the major issues I have always had with BFL. I will never quite understand it. I lost count how many people on these forums asked for help with injuries they sustained in the gym. Finding an effective stretch that can make your body cope with the new stress you will put it through for the next 12 weeks is not an easy task. This is especially true when you see how many people in the gym are just "flailing around" thinking this is how you stretch a muscle. If you can't hire a professional to show you what to do, hit youtube and do your research. Or stop a friendly personal trainer in your gym for advice. Failure to stretch helps causes serious injury. A matter of when.

    2- You are treating BFL in the same manner you'd treat a "diet":

    If you don't treat this program as a gateway to figure out how you can improve your life by adopting PERMANENT changes in your life style and be on the search for knowledge through this program, you will not reap the benefits it was meant to give you. You may not fail by the end of week 12, but if I told you how many BFLers (as well as many dieters for that matter) lost all the weight and put it back on months or years later, you will know what I mean. Seek permanent sustainable changes. Small steps win the race. If you think to yourself "it's only 12 weeks and I am done and I can do whatever I want later", you are basically saying to yourself: I will work hard to get results and once I get them I will undo all my work and expect to maintain the same results.

    3- You are in a hurry:

    If I took a penny every time someone posted "I'm in week 2/4/6/etc and can't see any results yet". This program is to build you up, then show you the results later. Like a factory of muscles if you will. You need to build the factory first, for you to see the goodies later. Usually it takes 10-14 weeks before you see any results at all.The lucky ones saw results in week 8, others had to wait till week 12-14. As a muscle building regime, you are better off measuring yourself  before you workout (you shouldn't measure yourself after working out as muscles become puff and slightly increase in size due to holding on to fluids), instead of weighing yourself.

    Thanks for reading, stay safe and good luck.

  • Thank you for the advice. I will read this often and apply it.

  • Good luck, Kermienme.

  • I agree with the stretching, I was going to post that myself. What I do is devote an entire slow song from my ipod to stretching when I  am finished with my work out. I have several I really like that are slow so I relax into the stretch. Its a great way to make sure I am getting a good, healthy stretch everytime!

  • Funny how back when I was in my 20's, I didn't even think about stretching.  I would wake up, and hit the gym right away.  Now, at 42, I wouldn't start my day any other way.  I think I spend about 15 minutes with pre-workout stretches, and I believe it's vitally important to maintaining an injury free workout.


  • Great post! Thanks you:)

  • Well done, Mike.

    Thanks, Angel,

    Good luck, ladies.