Starting TODAY! JUNE 2nd, 2013

  • My wife and I decided to take the challenge.  This is our first time, my wife is actually new to working out in general. Good luck to everyone.  It's encouraging to read other's experiences.

  • DinoDean - how great that you and your wife are doing this together. Best success to you both!

  • Best of success to both of you!

  • i started today also !!!

  • GO GO GO!  I am debating starting on the 10th.  Trying to get adjusted to my new job but my co-workers are inspring and can probably be helpful if I admit to them my plan   LOL!  

    Transformation is a journey, not a destination!

  • I am also starting today...

  • I started on June 3rd first time. Recently lost some weight then fell off the wagon for 3 weeks. This is for keeps. Day 3!

  • That's great others are starting this week. Anyone else super sore? My legs are so sore I can barely get up and down off the floor.  But I know it's a good thing.

  • I was like that the first couple of weeks - stairs were gets better though as your body adapts.

  • Hi, June 2nd did your first week go? I made it through my first week without missing a workout and followed the nutrition plan. A few days I did miss some water intake. ut, so far, so good.

  • My week was good, I lost 5 lbs.  I trying to do 6 HIIT days instead of 3.  I'm loving the program because I have no time to be distracted during the workouts, because we only have 1 minute to prep for the next rep.  The running is great to because it only takes 20 mins.  

    Nice job on keeping to the schedule Peach, keep it up!  I don't drink anything but water and V8 juice anymore. Sometimes I will add a tiny squirt of MIO to my water for some flavor.