Registration form won't let me change my start date!!

  • Well I tried to change my start date on my registration form to June 3rd from June 10th and it won't let me:(..Stupid me, for some reason I thought you had to start the challenge on the round date, but figured out after-the-fact that you can start in-between the dates..guess Ill have to wait a week:(bummed ..

  • I don't think it really matters what you put online.  You'll print out a packet that you mail in (if doing the official prize challenge) and you'll put dates on that.  Start now, no reason to wait!

  • Oh really? Ok so that would be awesome! I hope so..I was ready to get started..:)

  • No need to print out the hard copy of the entry packet.  Everything as far as the official prize challenge can be done via online.  Once you have registered for the challenge, go in and delete your old challenge, this will allow you to start a new challenge with your new start date.

  • Thank you dmiller7:)  I guess I just decided to officially start the challege the 10th, just to keep confusion down...So you don't have to mail in a hard copy of your photos and package?  I just booked a date with a photographer for my after photos..I'm getting really excited and determined!