I bought a bikini three sizes too small for me and my Myoplex..anyone starting June 3rd?

  • I'm starting the Challenge June 3rd for the June 10th round date..anyone else starting June 3rd too? I'm taking my before photos today or tomorrow. This bikini is going to look incredible on me in 12 weeks! I know it!

  • Love the positive outlook and determination!  IT WILL.  Remind yourself that!  And hang that bikini somewhere you can see it everyday.  You've got this!  I started end of April.  I will be following along with you!  

  • Thank you Sleepless! I am so determined..!!! I love the forum..helps a lot having support!

  • My husband Ryan wants to start tomorrow. It will be week 2 of my second challenge but the start of his first.

    I taped a pair of shorts to the wall on my first round. I really wanted to fit into them again.....guess what I am wearing right now! It is a really good feeling. Stick to it and you will be flaunting that bikini in no time :-D

  • Way to go,  great incentive and attitude to go with it.  Best wishes on your current challenge!!!

  • @lil caity::thanks for the reply! So he saw your progress and saw it works! That's awesome! Someone took some photos of me in a bathing suit a while back and I just stared at unbelief.."like what happened?" Lol!! I will have to hang up my bikini in my wall ! That's a terrific idea!

    #WPBill::thank you !! It all starts from the inside out!

  • My wife and I are starting today, it's good to know someone else is also. We just stocked up on healthy food and are in the process of planning our meals.  It's a lot to do with 2 small children.  Good luck!

  • Awesome Dino Dean! I'll be following ya'lls progress! I work two jobs so I understand it will be challenging for sure! Thank you:))

  • I will be starting june 3rd. I tried this before and I know it works. but im soooo lazy to work out now that I gained weight and increased my cholesterol.  I dont want to have a heart attack at an early age. I am a nurse and I want to be a model to my patients. So help me God.

  • You can do it djmad!!! I am starting the 10th..just so nothing gets messed up..I wanted to start on the 3rd, but this week I will be getting everything prepared..food, photos, I bought a wireless printer yesterday just to print my before photos..and send all my info in.!

    I really want this so bad..I want to be healthy again and look like I feel I should!

    Good luck! I will be following your progress!

    Nice to meet you!