EAS Myoplex & Nutritional Products - Best places to shop for?

  • Does anyone have any information on best to place or places (price-wise) to purchase EAS nutritional products - primarily Myoplex?  I have asked this on a different thread several months back, but got very little or no response.  Sam's Club where I live only carries the ready-to-drink variety of Myoplex, which I do have some of already.  But, I am looking (more specifically) to purchase the Myoplex packets, bars, and other nutritional supplements.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Best place I've found is Bodybuilding.com.

  • Thanks!  I'll check that out.  Someone told me Amazon at the gym.  Anyone order from there?  Guess I can compare the Bodybuilding.com and Amazon prices.

  • I've used Amazon for EAS products, worked great!

  • The often mentioned big box stores like Wmart and Trgt  also have many of the EAS products on their shelves as well. Hope this helps you out some too!!

  • Amazon has good prices for 24 packs of RTD shakes and powders but I often find them on sale at GNC.com and more often than not get bars from Target (summer in MO means shipping chocolate is a messy operation).

  • I can get my EAS protein and Myoplex from Publix grocery store

  • I'm mainly looking for the Myoplex packets (mix) in strawberry or chocolate.  I checked my entire town (Sam's, Target, Wal-Mart, and the grocery stores) and no one carries them.  Sam's, Target, and Wal-Mart carry the ready-to-drinks, but I'd rather have the powder packets (mix).  Amazon has some, but I think they are out of those flavors right now.  Kind of having trouble finding them.  I don't shop online much, so anyone with any advice/recommendations would be highly appreciated.  Thanks!

  • I haven't found a GNC that carries Myoplex anymore. I think Sam's and Wal Mart have the RTD, but the prices are still a bit much for buying in quantity. Supplement Warehouse online usually has good prices and I'll put another vote in for BB.com. They often have the best prices.