Six meals?

  • I had a question in regards to the number of meals you are suppose to (or strive to) get per day.  I know it says 6, but what if you are not able to get that many in?  I work as an occupational therapy assistant at a rehab hospital and trying to sneak in a snack/meal between breakfast and lunch (or lunch and dinner) is not feasible.  Has anyone else run in to this situation?  If so, how were you able to restructure the meals throughout the day?



  • Be like Napoleon Dynamite and carry tater tots in your pocket!

    Haha no but seriously, you can bing things with you that you can carry easily and eat quickly. In the champions book I remember reading about a nurse who would have the myoplex bars in her pocket. They have enough calories to count as one of the six meals. You could ration meals that don't need to go in the fridge, put it in a ziplock bag and have it easily accessable. Think of it like taking a quick bathroom break. It doesn't take 5-10 minutes to eat a quick snack. If anyone asks just say its important that you keep your blood sugar regulated. Taking a minute to eat real quick every 3 hours is possible, and you will probably find yourself beng more productive at work from the regulation of your diet.

  • I would agree with Caity.  I'd say bars or shakes would be your best bet.  You can chug a myoplex shake in a minute or two and a bar can be eaten pretty quickly.  Neither requires prep time.  Hope those work for you.

  • Thats my problem too, I forget to eat- I'm a stay at home mom with 3 kids and I get SO busy I don't have time to make a meal (or breathe)  BUT a shake comes in really handy. I bought a shaker cup (cup with a lid and a ball shaker inside of it to blend stuff) it has been my life saver.  Insert 2 scoops of protein powder and fill up with milk.  Done!  and I can even drink it while I am changing a diaper.  Thats how easy those things are.  :)