Anyone starting this week? 5/27

  • As far as I go, and this is just my own experience, so it is by no means gospel for everyone else, but I drink tea all the time. Green tea is very good for you. I usually put in some splenda. I also put splenda in my oatmeal every day and I often use water flavorings in my bottles of water. I'm also recovering from being a Pepsi addict, so this is helping me meet my desire for flavor without all the extra sugars. I've lost 12 lbs so far in the past 12 days, so it doesn't seem to be hurting. But, I'm also very active throughout the day this time of year, doing projects, mowing, out running errands, visitations, etc.

    Also, please do not shun milk, that is unless you have a lactose intolerance, but then again there is lactose free milk.  Milk is such a natural source of Calcium, vitamins, protein and yes some sugars, but they are naturally occurring sugars. I used to do only Skim and now we use 1% in my house. I usually have a couple of glasses a day. I will add a scoop of chocolate whey to 8 oz of 1% milk. It's delicious. As I've said in other threads, as long as you count the carbs in it towards your daily goal for carbohydrates, you're going to be fine. Although, as a general rule, it is recommended that the main times to have milk would be post workout or during a time of day you are active.

    There are people on here that will tell you Bananas are from the devil too, but don't believe them. They are a tremendous source of potassium and if you're feeling depressed or tired, they are a real pick me up.

  • So, how's everybody doing?  How did your weekend go?  I had a free day on Sunday hanging out w/ my family, although when we went to Olive Garden for lunch, I did get the whole wheat pasta.  :)

    Got my upper body workout in about 8:30 PM last night.  Hard & fast!  And that was after a 2 hour training session w/ the fire dept. So definitely got some good exercise in yesterday.

    Hope yall are doing well!

    Journey strong!

  • I'm doing okay this week.  I did miss another workout, but will find a place to make it up later this week.  I have been getting about 5 meals in per day.  The 6th meal for me is usually pretty late at night, so I have been missing out on some of those.  Do you guys eat right before bed?  Just wondering.

    It's cardio day for me (and maybe a weight workout, too - make-up).  Hope you guys are doing great.