Anyone starting this week? 5/27

  • We eat pretty plain in my house, not too many recipes of sorts. For free day we usually make some stuff out of the EFL cook book or go out to eat. Ate at Red Lobster the other day and enjoyed (2) Cheddar Bay Biscuits. :) That was cruel and unusual punishment though to limit myself. LOL But at 150 cals each they add up quick!

    One thing I love for lunch is to cut up some chicken breast with some olive oil in the pan, let it get mostly cooked, then throw in some Franks Buffalo Sauce, Salsa and a little BBQ sauce. I might also add some fresh roasted red pepper. I let that cook down and mix. Then I melt some fiesta blend cheese over it. I'll heat up a flatbread pita and put that mixture on the pita and enjoy. I eat that probably a couple of times a week. I came up with that when I was trying to find some homemade options to replace those Lean Cuisine Panini's and Flatbreads. Those are really good, but kind of expensive to buy all the time.

    I'm doing well. On track and down 8 lbs since picking this challenge back up last Thursday. So, as long as I keep it up, blowing off that first week isn't going to cause me any problems.

  • Ok...confession time!  :)  I fell off the wagon yesterday...Had a marathon day!  Started at 5:30 AM...ended at 10 PM...Did good up until about 6:30 PM when I visited the "food room" at our Bible school here at the church (it's the break room for the adult workers at our Bible School each night).  Church members bring all sorts of food for the workers to eat.  Caved in!  Then by the time I got home at about 10 PM, I was just too bushed to get my cardio in!

    So, back at it today...About to head to gym for upper body workout.. then hopefully, can stay strong tonight at Bible School!  

    Hang in there, guys, & journey strong!

  • Don't worry about it, Preacher_Fireman.  Just hop back on the wagon as soon as you can and keep chugging forward.  Maybe make up for it by taking only a half-free day or something at the end of the week.  That's what I try to do if I goof up and/or have a bad meal or two (which I totally try to reserve for free days, of course).  I can imagine that Bible School food table is pretty difficult to turn down.  My wife has our kids in Vacation Bible School right now as well and I think they are enjoying quite a few goodies, to say the least.  The good thing is I'm not staying around there too much since I have to work.

    My week is going well so far.  Not too bad on anything other than missing some meals here and there (due to being to busy and, frankly, just not planning well enough on Sunday - or before the week starts).  I need to work on planning better and cooking more meals to freeze and pull out.  Myoplex stock is getting low, too!  If either of you have any recommendations on where to buy Myoplex, please send them my way.  I've been told to get them at Amazon and/or  The last package I bought was from, but I'm not sure what kind of price (high, low, or about right) I paid for them.  The stuff is not cheap, but I definitely have to have it for when I'm on the run/go!

    BFLAndy, that recipe sounds pretty good.  I'd recommend keeping the use of those sauces kind of low (or in my case, not use them at all) and you might want to check out that flatbread, too.  I know the breads we use need to be whole wheat and/or grain (100% - meaning the first ingredient listed on the package should say "whole grain wheat or stone ground wheat."  Just something I'd watch if I were you.  Of course, I'm going pretty strictly by the BFL book and you may not be.

  • Thanks for the encouragement, Ag12!  Had a much better day yesterday.  Got a good upper body workout in at lunch.  Stayed a lot stronger in the food room at VBS last night (did sneak a cookie!).  Today is cardio day & the heat in MS has gotten pretty oppressive (still 84 degrees w/ HIGH humidity at 9 PM last night).  But gotta get it in sometime in some way.  Going to look for a used Schwinn Airdyne to buy to use sometimes for cardio.

    As far as where to buy Myoplex, you might want to try  I think their prices are a little better.

    Journey strong, brothers!

  • Weighed in this morning. After this week of being "on track" relatively speaking, and down 11 lbs. :)

    Yes, I'm not as strict with some of those things. I just try to keep it sensible and in moderation. For me anyway, I figure that until I'm down to below 15% body fat, worrying about some of those things isn't going to hurt my fat loss. I'm around 30% right now, so I can get away with it. :)

    In my experience and opinion alot of this information of fitness and cutting this and that from diets is developed by people who are already pretty fit and what they have to do to lose weight. I don't think they take body fat composition into the equation. Our bodies are designed to fight for survival, so if one is overweight, there is some room for liberty, but the leaner you get the more the fight intensifies. At least that's my take and understanding on it. I could be wrong, but it's a theory I've been developing over the past several years of doing this.

    Also, if you eat as clean as possible, are already working out hard and hit a wall, where do you have the opportunity to make adjustments to break that plateau? Some will just tack on more cardio or try to limit their food intake even more. That's the wrong things to do. I think if we take a progressive approach to both nutrition and exercise over time it will have better results in the long term.

    I'll keep those ideas to discussion on this thread between me and you guys because apparently dissent from the "Official" policy is not acceptable for discussion elsewhere. :)

  • Andy, you've done a great job with BFL, so please understand that I respect what you've accomplished.  But you're posting again that you think it's O.K. for people who are still overweight to take some liberties with their eating (not talking about free day), and I couldn't disagree more.  You said yourself that you've been doing this for several years and you're at 30% body fat.  Again, I applaud what you've accomplished, but not eating clean absolutely slows progress, and that appears to be a prime example to me.  There is a reason Bill laid the plan out the way he did - because it works that way.  And he was very clear about eating clean other than free day.  This has nothing to do with "official policy."  It's a BFL site and BFL doesn't call for taking liberties with our eating.

    Nothing personal at all.  Continued best of luck.

  • Dave, thank you for your support. I understand we disagree on this issue, but I am at 30% body fat not because eating a balanced diet like I am now, but because when I go "ultra clean" by the book, I end up binging and going back to eating all junk. That's a bit of a discipline issue I admit, but nevertheless, taking a more sensible approach to nutrition is helping me stay on track and I am losing fat again, and helps me to control cravings. It's an all or nothing approach I have lived by for years and I am trying to avoid that this time around.

    I look through the posts by newbies and I see people making the same mistakes and having the same struggles due to a legalistic adherence to the eating plan.  They struggle with why they just can't get it right 100% of the time, then they get emotionally bent out of shape and turn to worse foods then the chips they might have eaten at a friends party. They beat themselves up over it and then turn to "guilt" workouts and over training to compensate so as to not hurt their chances of making that dramatic 12 week transformation and in the process cause metabolic damage.  I'm just hoping to provide a little balance. We don't use our liberty as a license to make truly bad choices, but as a motivator to make better choices and to have the grace to forgive ourselves if we don't and move on.

    And this team thread I have already been a part of, so I am not just coming in here spreading my opinion willy nilly.

    Also, as far as Bill goes. Bill doesn't have anything to do with BFL anymore. He's way beyond that, and much of the nutrition science has changed since then. Even Bill now preaches a more balanced approach to nutrition. And the food pyramid has been replaced by "My Plate", so alot has changed since the original book and nutritional guidelines of BFL were written.

    And same here, I hold no ill towards you either for pointing these things out. I am happy to have an intelligent discussion on nutrition if it will involve more then just "the book says so".

  • Please excuse my threadjack :)  

    Andy, what you say is right on.  I struggled for years with the all-or-nothing syndrome - in other words, if I slipped up and ate a little unauthorized "something" , I would totally beat myself up over the slip and then lose my momentum by cheating even more and saying "I'll start Monday".  I know what you are saying.  I understand how, for some people, 100% compliance to the BFL book can backfire if that person has and perfectionist (all-or-nothing) personality.  Everyone just has to do what is best for their individual personalities.  For instance let's say Jane Blow has started the challenge 11 times, and has 11 Before pics - yet no After pics because she has not finished a single challenge.  Why?  Because anytime she makes one minor mistake, she beats herself up and just goes to town on food until she re-starts the challenge.  Wouldn't it be better if Jane could forgive herself for that little hiccup and just keep on truckin'?  Rather than agonize over what she had done and turn to more food - or like you said, overtrain?

    During my challenge I had quite a few food speed bumps!  At week 9 I believe it was I remember crying and telling my husband I just wasn't making progress fast enough, and maybe I was "done".   But it turned out okay.  Again, everyone is different.  It just depends on the individual person.  Andy you know yourself better than anyone!  That occasional little deviation from the BFL book is not going to kill you. You know your strengths and weaknesses.  I think it's important for everyone to know that it's okay if you make a mistake on the challenge!  As long as you know your limits.  For some people this takes awhile!

    Okay good luck to you all!!!!!!!  Wooohooooo!  Go, go, go!!!

    Susan Berna

    2010 Body-for-LIFE Grand Master Champion

  • Susan...Welcome to the can "threadjack" any time you want!  :)

    Appreciate your input & feedback.  We are pressing on!  

    Gotta get my cardio in tonight in spite of the fact that here in Mississippi, it's still 87 degrees at almost 8 PM (Not to mention the typical MS humidity!)!

    Journey strong!

  • it in!  Went to the gym at 9:30 PM & ran on the treadmill before they closed.

  • Great job! Way to not let anything keep you from doing it.

  • Way to get it in, Preacher_Fireman!  I was not able to get my cardio in last night, unfortunately, due to a sick kiddo.  I will try to make that up tonight after I hit the weights.  I haven't slipped up too much on the eating, but was not as strict as I normally am for supper last night.  I am doing okay today with some cottage cheese and fruit so far, though.

    Hope you guys are doing well.

  • Hopped on scales this AM...first time since starting BFL on 5/28...down 6 lbs!  Woo hoo!  Thank you, Lord!  Feel better.  Still having to battle late night eating temptations!  But overall, thankful for the progress & more encouraged than ever to stay after it!

    Headed to do lower body workout in about 30 mins.!  Then protein shake after that.  Probably gonna eat a burger tonight at our men's "Courageous Dads" cookout at the church, but gonna stay away from chips & desserts.  But eating right the rest of today.

    Journey strong!

  • Great job! Woo hoo Indeed! Keep it up. Stay focused, that's all that matters.

  • Great news, Preacher_Fireman!  Glad to hear that.  That will motivate you to keep up the great work, no doubt.  Hope everyone had a pretty good week over all.  Mine was okay, but I keep missing and having to make up workouts!  Kids and jobs are the main reasons, but I have been able to make up the ones I've missed for the most part (with a couple of exceptions).  I think I need to switch to early-morning workouts, but I haven't gotten up the courage to actually follow through with having my meals, gym clothes, and work clothes ready, and setting my alarm early!  Any pointers from any early-morning workout-ers (not a word, I know) would be greatly appreciated.  

    One question I thought of:  What do you all think of tea?  Is it okay to have some green tea (decaffeinated) with a little Splenda in it?  Or maybe I should stay away from Splenda as much as I can?  Any advice?  I'm a tea fan, obviously.  I'm also a low-fat milk fan, but I've been staying away from it other than on free day because I know it carries some sugar (lactose).

    Happy Father's Day to you guys (if  you're fathers...but happy Father's Day anyway even if you're not)!