Dang. Got through week one and then crashed

  • Hi Guys,

    I started my Body for Life on May 13th.  The first week, I worked moderately hard during the workouts.  However when it came to nutrition, I didn't do as well.  The problem was that I was consuming 800 calories some days and other days around 1400.  (I just wasn't hungry.)  Needless to say, I crashed hard in the middle of week 2... and I stopped (and binged.)  Now, here it is Monday the 27th.  It's Memorial Day in the US.  A holiday.   I'm going to attempt another go at it tomorrow.  But, this time, I'm going to make sure that I eat enough.  And, hopefully that will give me the energy to continue.  I read a post on another thread that failure is schizophrenic.  The gist is that we don't start because we don't want to fail.  And, if we do start, we quit because we don't achieve perfection.

    So, my message to myself is this:  eat enough and don't worry if each day is less than perfect.  Take each meal one bite at a time... and each workout one "set" at a time.

  • Hi Bertnola,

    Don't get down on yourself - remember persistence not perfection.  If you find yourself starting to slip be mindful of what you do.  The fact that you can recognize what is going on is important, just dust yourself off and get right back on it.  In the past I've found myself using the excuse of "I already had this so I might as well..."  Don't let yourself fall into the trap.  

    Definitely schedule your meals and make sure you eat enough.  Its hard to eat 5 to 6 meals per day - both finding the time and eating enough.  Don't deprive your body of the valuable nutrients it needs while you are rebuilding and transforming.  If you feel like you cant eat enough then using the meal replacement shakes and protein bars are a good quick way to get some.  Also try for high protein snacks like cottage cheese or greek yogurt.  

    I myself have been saying that I'm going to start and have some good weeks and some bad weeks.  I havent really sat down and committed to myself that this is something I'm going to do for 12 full weeks.  I'm done procrastinating and am starting my 12 week program tomorrow.  Let me know if you want someone to be accountable to - I'm looking for support too.  

    Good luck - and continue to journey.