How to best Track and Plan Meals and Exercise?

  • Hi All,


    have been downloading the excel sheets to plan and track nutrition...however it seems rather difficult compared to online tools like myfitnesspal etc - do you use any fitness apps or do you all go with paper/excel planning? The aps I know just allow the tracking not so much the planning...ideas?

    I have no iphone so its a bit limited

  • Fumilayo,

    If you are looking for a phone app, you may want to check out the Body-for-LIFE Mobile Companion App that is currently available for Android devices. Click here for more details:

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • According to Google Play, the app is not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy (an Android phone).  Is this something that is being worked on?  Would love to have this on my phone to assist in planning, tracking, etc.

  • Ag12thman,

    Which Samsung Galaxy version do you have? There are a few that the Body-for-LIFE Mobile Companion App doesn't support but the majority of them are compatable.

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • I have the Galaxy S4 - the newest one (recently released).

  • Lose It is a great app for tracking nutrition. I look forward to the BFL app being available though.

  • I just began 12 weeks and I'm using a body for life success journal to track food and exercise.   Each day a success story is Sshown in the journal .  And the mindset and visualization exercises are great for the mental aspect of the program.   I've used  mynetdiarymynetdiary in the past to track food and exercise.   I'm carrying my success journal with me everyday.

    I'm on day 4.  

  • BTW Bought the journal at Barnes& noble.