Can someone help me??

  • I'm confused - for each exercise you have to do 5 sets of 12 or 60 reps & then 5 sets of 10 or 50 reps - this is taking me hours to complete. I must be doing soemthing worng here. That would mean 180 reps on each exercise?? so 360 reps for shoulders as you do 2 exercises for each muscle group??     

  • Kerry,  here is an example of what you need to do.

    Bench press. 12 reps at 100.  Minute break.  10 reps at 110.  Minute break.  8 reps at 120.  Minute break.  6 reps at 130.  Minute break.  12 reps at 120.  No break.  Change to flies at 25 and do 12 reps.  That's the end of your chest workout.  You've done 60 total reps.  Move on to shoulder exercise and repeat process with appropriate weight for what exercise you're doing.


  • Entire UBWO should only take about 46 minutes depending on how quick you can transition to next body part.

  • And of course if you are at the gym, I also depends on how soon you can get a bench or the equipment you need for the next set. If not do what I do,  go up or down a weight level on that rep or use a similar type of bench for the same purpose. (standing there dropping hints doesn't work at LA Fitness where I go).

  • HI, I'm new to BFL and was wondering if anyone knows if you are sick, do you continue to go to the gym or rest a day or two then hop back on board?  I have the flu (doctor confirmed) and was wondering if I should go to the gym tomorrow, but worried about getting anyone else sick too.  Would love some advise.  Thanks

  • If you have the flu I would skip the gym - 1) you are likely contagious so going is a public health hazard; 2) it will hamper your recovery. If you are feeling up to it do your workout at home using body weight exercises or exercise bands. Get better soon and you will back to the gym in no time!

  • Thank you. I knew I shouldn't go to the gym but was so sick yesterday I wasn't thinking straight. I do have a treadmill and weights here at home incase I'm not 100% myself tomorrow. I've rested yesterday and today but don't want I go too long in between workouts. I'm determined to make this plan work for me :-).

  • I hope you are feeling better soon supermomnv - take it slow until you are feeling better and then get back to hitting your workouts hard.