Calling All Body for Life Renegades! Challenge shall begin Monday, May 27th

  • Let's do it! You KNOW you want to. Stop straddling the fence and hop on into the arena! Let us rally the troops and knock out the most incredible challenge to date. Yaaarrr! Who's in? ;)

  • I started today as well!  Have a super week! Best of luck! : )

  • Just started today and I am in!

  • Starting today as well! Hope everyone had an awesome Day 1! Let's do this!!!

  • Well I'm a day late but starting tomorrow.  I've been on BFL in the past and lost over 100 lbs.  Over time I allowed too many things to get in my way and I was no longer my top priority.  I've gained back about Those days are over and my health is my number 1 priority.  I'm excited and pumped to get back on the wagon.  I've got my meals planned out and the alarm is set for a nice early cardio tomorrow.


    Best of luck - let me know if anyone wants to keep in touch while we go through this process together

  • I'm starting today as well (May 28, 2013), if you guys (those that started this thread and started Monday) do not mind me getting going a day late.  Memorial Day was not a good day to start for me since I had home projects going on and was not able to get to the gym.  Looking forward to completing 12 weeks and being a lot more fit than I am right now.  I, too, have done BFL in the past with great success, but have let myself slide back to the unhealthy way of life (not eating healthy and no regular workout routine).  Looking forward to this!  Let's DO it!

  • Found it!  I'm in!

  • Actually I'm starting today rather that waiting till Jun 4th, and treating this week as Week one. Early mornings getting to the gym will be a challenge since I don't really like to rise early, but will. Good luck everyone.  Taking starter pictures, today.

  • ARMS are so sore from this morning. But it feels good

  • Day 4! Yes!  Workouts are going well, although I had foot pain after I pushed it too hard on Tuesday trying to run up a hill.  I should not have over-exerted myself like that.  I iced it, and it's feeling better.  Today I made myself walk more than run, and I left the hill out of the workout.  Feeling good!  

  • Ok- How did everyone do this week?  I did really good for my first week.  Learning curve was good.  

  • Went well for me as well.  I did miss a workout and had to make it up by doing a couple of workouts in the same day, but it wasn't too bad.  I was tired, though.  Not something I want to make a habit!  How about for anyone else?