New here on the forums! My progress so far.

  • Hi all!  I had done BFL a few years ago with great results.  But time, obsession, binges, etc got the best of me.  I should have just stuck to BFL after I finished my first challenge!  It's been a roller coaster since.  I finally buckled down and came to terms with the unhealthy cycle I was in.   I'm too embarrassed to show my face--for now! 
    Anyhow, results are a bit slower this time, but I'm chalking it up to muscle memory and I'm just packing it on way faster this time--right?!  ;)  I know it works, so that wont stop me.  I'm in week five right now, but here are my first three weeks' progress pics.  I'm doing pics every three weeks, and weighing in on random set dates: Keeping a few weeks between because the scale discourages me.  Instead I rely on measurements.  Sorry they are so big.  First three are start, last three are at three weeks. 

  • Woah!!  3 weeks? This is after only 3 weeks?  Girl- you are making so much progress!!  I am about to start my 3rd week and I am totally inspired!  Are you using any suppliments? Are you working out at home or at a gym?  

  • Thanks bye2babyfat!  Yep, three weeks...I was hoping to see more, but I realize I need to be patient.  Paper towel theory, right?!  I have a big week this week with measuring, biggest yet.  The only thing I did differently, was add one fish oil capsule in per day this week.  Not sure if that did it, or if my body is finally revving up and being more efficient?!  Working out at the gym (as much uncomfortable as it was starting in the weight room again even though I know my way around it).  I watched The Secret on netflix and it really helped my mindset.  I no longer care who is looking at me or watching me.  I know what the future holds for me, and that is exciting!  Keep in touch =)  Good luck going into week 3!  

  • That's great for 3 weeks! I know I will be celebrating when I lose the crease on my back. I think your body type is similar to mine but you're body fat % is much lower than mine. I get the same "problem areas" but they firm up real nice with the weight training, even when I still have a lot of body fat. Good for you on marching into that weight room! You are gonna look even more amazing before you know it.

  • I would say you are doing great for just three weeks,  Great results so far be sure to hang in there and Keep Moving Forward.  Be sure to hyrdrate enough and watch it on those Free days too!!  Keeping records like you are doing is also very helpful to chart progress along the way.  Looks like a great deal of that body fat is metabolizing away with all of your efforts so far.  way to go!!

  • Your progress is so inspiring - just when I needed it too so thank you!

  • LiL Caity~ Thnx =) Yes!  That darned crease!  I want mine gone!  I can't wait to see where your next month brings you =)

  • WPBill~  Thank you!  I've been really scaled back on my free days compared to when I did BFL in the past (where I went all out gluttony!)...partly because I have about 25 MORE lbs to lose on top of what I lost last time (18).  And I want my results to come along as quickly as they can.  

    Sharon~ I'm glad I could help!  I am inspired every time I log on to the forum...and hope to contribute as much as I can as well!