Protein Intake

  • Hello, I am currently 230lbs., 60lbs. of which is fat. I hear all kinds of numbers tossed around of what the protein intake should be for a male. My goals are to gain some and maintain some muscle, while decreasing fat. I know they say inorder to figure out protein intake you have to use your scale weight. Which makes no sense at all to me, because what if there is a guy the same exact height 5'11" and weight as me 230lbs. but has 8% bodyfat. And I have over 30% fat. I just don't understand. So again my questions are according to my weight and goals what my protein intake should be?


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  • Try to shoot for at least gram of protein per pound of lean body mass that you have.  As your lean body mass increases you'll need to increase your protein intake.

  • Lot's of theory's out there about this subject.  I wouldn't worry a lot about it personally.  Concentrate more on getting good sources of protein and correct portion sizes.  For your 3 bigger meals, shoot for at least 20 grams and if you can get 30 or even 40 out of a correct portion size that's great.  For your mid meals, shoot for 15 and anything above that is great.  If you follow the BFL workouts and hit your 10's, you'll build muscle.  Just hit the workouts hard and eat correct portion sizes and you'll be all set.  

    Good luck, you can do this!

    P.S.  The gram per pound is mentioned a lot - and it may be fine for someone building muscle who is at their target weight and or wants to add some weight.  But until you get to where you want to be body-wise, stick to the BFL portion size eating plan.  

  • The 1 gram per pound of scale bodyweight standard is the most precise and best method.  Also, it IS the Body-for-LIFE program.  That's something that EAS and Bill supported for all those beginning years.  It also works out.  If you look at standard portions for your size and then do the math, it will be rather close to the 1 gram rule method.  It will not increase your weight.  That doesn't come from eating your appropriate amount of protein portions, spaced throughout the day, and when added to the rest of the BFL plan.  

    The original Myoplex Lite was 25 grams of protein and 25 of carb.  That's because the "average" woman, whatever that means, is 150 pounds.  :)

    At 230 pounds, 15 grams of protein would be way too little per meal, or even 20.  20 is the right amount for a woman who is about 120 pounds, or man for that matter, but the point is not for someone at over 200.  It just wouldn't be enough.  It would cause crashing, insulin craziness, and ultimately a failed program.  

    There's no such thing as 3 "bigger meals" on BFL.  BFL is 6 meals, all using the same proportions.  

    I think the 1 gram rule is the easiest, personally.  My palm and fist gets "bigger" when I'm hungry, cranky, or tired.  Knowing I'm having 150 grams and that's decreasing, of course, of good quality protein, spaced throughout the day, is the easiest way for me to keep on track, but that's just me.  

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