The weigh in

  • How often should a person weigh themselves? Should I do it every 4 weeks, or wait and do it at 6 weeks? I'm thinking not weighing in at 4 in case my results are slow and I get discouraged. What is the best week to weigh in?

  • DON'T weigh yourself the first month.  You will just get irritated.  I just posted about this, I weighed myself every other day and was constantly annoyed that the dial on the scale kept going up.  Finally it is starting to tick the other direction- but only by 2 pounds (which is where I was when I first started the challenge) and I have been doing this for nearly a month.  

    Instead of looking at the scale, do what I did and try to fit into a pair of your old skinny jeans- try them on every week and you will notice a difference by about week 4.  Just..... don't look at the scale.  

  • I disagree with the post above.  I don't mean any offense to anyone with this answer, but my wife and I weigh weekly and have from our very first week of BFL 7 years ago.  You can weigh as often as you like or never weigh, it's completely up to you.  But if you follow the program as written and give your eating and workouts your best effort, you have nothing to fear with the scale, and you will see positive results from the start in most if not all cases.  Men tend to see better weight loss results in the first few weeks, but women will also see positive results, the weight loss may just be a little slower at the start - but you will lose.  We choose weekly because we like the accountability, but I also realize that daily weight fluctuations can drive anyone nuts if you weigh daily!

    Good luck - you can do this!

  • I am in my 3rd week and have weighed myself every week (if not more!) and have felt discouraged due to no weight loss showing on the scale-which lead to me having a few wobbly days and binges. I have also been measuring with a tape measure - to see no results!

    I would say not to weigh or measure yourself,but maybe take photos every few weeks, to see physical changes-and record how you feel every week or things that have improved for you (e.g. not feeling so tired, going up a kg with arm weights, hitting 10;s etc)


    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • That's my point exactly Missy - if you're in week 3 and have had "a few wobbly days and binges" then that is the problem, and not the scale.  You're not alone, lot's of people struggle in the first few weeks because you're making major changes in eating and lifestyle (working out, eating clean.)  Don't give up, just eliminate those wobbly days and save your binges for free day.  You can do this!  And don't fear the scale, it's not an enemy.  ;o)