Mobile app for iPhone?

  • Does anyone know when it is coming out?

  • I just got the new adroid galaxy s4 and was looking for the app. I could not find it in the Google play store. Of course, being a former apple user, I am still a lot lost trying to navigate around on an adroid phone. I did check out the reviews of the app and saw all negative reviews. Would be interested in hearing from some folks on here that use it.  

  • We appreciate your interest in the Body-for-LIFE(TM) mobile App and apologize for the delay in launch!  

    Developing the iPhone/iPad app was a more complex process than the Android app, especially when Apple updated their Developer Requirements. We also learned of a few issues with the Android app that necessitated some adjustments with our specs to make sure that everything works well when we do launch. We are hoping to finalize the iPhone app soon so stay tuned!

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team

  • I can't wait!!! Awesome!

  • Thanks Tiffany - it would be very helpful so I am looking forward to the app

  • Galaxy S4, too, please.