I believe!! + one question

  • Good morning everyone! Today is my last workout of week 3 of BFL. When I started this challenge, I took my before picture... yikes... that one will be hiding in the depths of my IPhone for awhile. So I weighed myself this morning and there has been no change since I started. Well this really put me into a grumpy mood, but then I remembered I had taken measurements (I know I shouldn't measure until  end of week 4). However, to my pleasant surprise I have lost .5 inches on a few places on my body!! I was not expecting that! Then I went to my closet and picked out a skirt I KNEW I could not zip last year and what do you know, I was able to zip it up! 

    It is astonishing to me that the scale doesn't go down, but that I truly am making progress. Besides any signs of outward change, I am feeling so much better! I sleep great at night and have tons of energy throughout the day. I used to always feel like I needed a nap and now I never do. Also, I feel at this point I'm really getting used to the routine of my workouts.

    My goal for the upcoming week is to really focus on getting to the higher intensity levels when I'm doing my weight lifting. I have one question on that, if I'm doing an exercise (say dumbbell chest press) and am on my final set of 12, is it okay to switch weights in the middle. For example, I want to push myself hard so I will press 25 lbs, but then usually around 8 my arms are jello, is it okay for me to grab 20s and finish my last 4?

  • Congratulations Kaley on the half inches!  The scale will eventually move.  Just remember it's a transformation of the body and I've read numerous times that women don't see a major change until around Week 10 or so.

    It's definitely okay to switch in the middle of a set.  I've done it numerous times because I want to finish all my reps.  The other thing I may do is wait a few seconds (usually on curls) between reps because I just need to give my biceps a few seconds more to recover before I can crank out the next rep.


  • Hi Kaley,

    Could also use the lighter weight in the beginning (the weight you are switching to, midway) and concentrate on form, pauses and speed/resistance. You might get more out of the workout, complete the number of reps, reach a 10 and gain more by doing so. When its not bringing you to a 10 then its time to up the weight.



  • Thanks for the advice!!