finishing week one with a few diet questions

  • I'm rounding out week one, but ive got a few diet questions. my wife recently received some free advocare meal replacement shakes. I was wondering if I can use them as a meal replacement with this program. the way advocare works is with the normal 3 meals, but if im supposed to eat 6 small meals, I don't want to double up with the shake and then eat again in a few hours. I would hate to accidently put weight on by drinking this in place of what should be a small meal, but I would like to use them since they were free. is this too much for a "small meal" replacement?

  • Aaron that's a bit of sugars in them. My protein shakes are around 9 grams. I know though some protein bars are that high in sugars. Calorie wise it looks excellent. And proteins are great.

  • I'm personally a big promoter of Myoplex.  This doesn't look too bad other than sugar being higher than I would want.  You could try it and see what kind of results you get.  Really the only way to truly know.  I don't think it would cause any significant weight increase, if any.

  • thanks for the help, I just looked at the protein mix I've got and its only got 2g of sugar, its not myoplex but its what I've got left over from a while back. calorie wise its got 280 and 10 from fat. 7g of carbs. I think I might just polish off this can and then go to myoplex, I've noticed that its pretty cheap compared to most