Just staring, levels for weight question.

  • Hello,

       I have been attempting to do the weight workouts for the past two weeks, but the only workouts that ever felt right were the first.  This resulted in soreness, tenderness, etc... that told my body I had a good work out, or at least did something.   Now when I workout, it seems too easy and fails to provide any soreness.  I assume I am doing something wrong.

      If the maximum weight I can bench press is 150 lbs, I do the following:

    Set 1   120 lbs x 12   level 5

    Set 2   130 lbs x 10   level 6

    Set 3   140 lbs x 8   level 7-8

    Set 4   150 lbs x 6   level 9

    Set 5   130 lbs x 12   level 10

    Set 6   130 lbs x 12 (switching excercise to incline bench or flies)   level 10

        Is this the correct understanding of the exercise method?



  • I would recheck your weight level.  If your can put up 150 6 times, that can't possibly be your max.  What is your max that you can put up one time?  Are you having trouble lifting 130 12 times, or is it pretty easy.  If it's pretty easy, you definitely want to increase your weight.  On my 5th set of the same exercise, I'm struggling the last 2 to 3 reps to get the lift up.  

  • MJelly,

      Yes, I mean the most weight I can push on my fourth set is 150 lbs, for six reps, at an effort level 9.  Then I drop the weight to 130 lbs, push to 8 or 9 reps, and have to struggle to get the last 3 reps up for a level 10 effort.  

      Is this the overall idea?  From the book and his narrative it sounds exactly like this, but the ease of sets 1 through 3 are deceiving.  Starting at a level 5, then 6, then 7 or 8, then 9, which is getting your muscles warmed up and firing up to perform on the last two sets, which should be an effort level of 10.  Sometimes no reaching or giving all 12 reps because you reach failure.

      I have been doing the above for three weeks with my wife, swapping in and out of nautilus or life fitness machines.  I have noticed that I am zeroing in a little more on the weights, which is leading to a little better workout, so it's just a little more effort, and a little soreness the next day so I know I did a good workout.  I do think I will have to move to freeweights next week because there are some machines I like, some I don't, and same for my wife, but free weights almost always feel right.

     Let me know your thoughts.



  • Yeah, that sounds exactly right.  Didn't know you were using a nautilus, and that is probably the biggest reason you're not feeling the overall soreness.  As you probably know, machines tend to limit which muscles are being targeted, while free weights use a lot more muscles in a given exercise, so you'll feel it a lot more with free weights.  Not sure if you have dumbbells or weight bench.  From what I've read, experts recommend dumbbells because it makes each side do the same amount of workout.  However, I tend to be more sore when I use the barbell on the weight bench.  Not sure why, other than I can lift more...my dumbbell Powerblocks only go to 45, so I usually only use those for incline press.  Best of luck!