Read the original BFL book!

  • Thank you!!

  • Still seeing many posts on the board from people who are strugling with the how's and why's behind a successful challenge.  I would like to again encourage everyone to read the original book!  The program works.  Twelve weeks will pass whether we eat poorly and sit on the couch all day or we eat clean and hit our 10's.  Either way, time will pass, the difference will be how we feel when that 12 weeks is over.  If we're unhappy now, and change nothing, we can be pretty sure we'll be unhappy 12 weeks from now.  But if we make the change, and put in the work, we can be really happy about life 12 weeks (or months, or years) down the road!

  • Great post, DaveND!  I agree 100% and could not have put it better than you did above.  It seems like a lot of struggles can be "patched" or "repaired" with going back to the BASICS in the original book.  Go back and review the ORIGINAL food list and recipes.  Are there more recipes out there than just the ones in this original book?  Yes, but try to use the ORIGINAL food list as a guide in all of your meals outside your free day.  If there is a non-ORIGINAL-list food you are craving, that food (recipe or item) should be consumed (in any amount you so desire) on your free day.