DOWNER!!! 3rd wk,no results=binge :(

  • good idea-thank you!

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • MissyMaddyMoo - I would try switching out the pasta and rice for easier to portion control starches like a sweet potato or some beans. You are likely getting too many refined carbs and not enough protein. For women especially I think being really careful here is important since carbs and sugary things (like your icing sugar) are super-easy to overdo on portions.

  • Okay girl, gonna get're at the end of week three and upset, but eating sugar icing!  You have to save that for your free day hun.  I know it's hard, but it gets easier in time!  It's not off limits, you can still have it, just once a week.  Tell yourself that.  Try doing a plain greek yogurt with some cinnamon and fresh fruit in it.  That will curb a sweet craving!  

    1 - porridge w/milk and prunes

    What kind of milk, how much?  Not enough protein here.  I love making pancakes for breakfast with 30g porridge/oats, 2 egg whites, and about 85g cottage cheese mixed in a blender and make like a pancake.  

    2- cottage cheese & lowfat greek yogurt mixed,with strawberries or kiwi

    This is good.

    3-salmon,brown rice and salad

    Plain salad?  Add-ins?  Dressing?  

    4-protein shake

    With milk? Water? Almond milk?

    5-chicken,brown pasta,roasted veg

    Any oil used here?  

    6-eggy bread (2xwm bread, 1 whole egg and white,mixed with some icing sugar)

    Save this for cheat day.  

    Have you tried quinoa?  I use it in place of rice and pasta.  I make a big pot weekly in a rice cooker in chicken stock.  Even good with ground turkey and tomato sauce on it!  It's so easy to overdo pasta/rice portions.  My othe fav starchy carb is la tortilla factory tortillas that are high fiber, low calorie.  I make turkey wraps, or fajitas.  Taco Salad is another favorite with seasoned beef, salsa, plain greek yogurt (instead of sour cream) and kidney beans.  

    Stay the course!!!  You'll get results, your diet needs some tweaking, and you're missing one of your cardio interval days.  You're lifting weights 3x/wk right?  Did you read the book, or just get the info online?  I would read the book if you haven't.  You're going in the right direction!  

  • sleepless08-thank you for the detailed imput-the receipe for pancakes sounds great and ill try that soon! maybe some beans/pulses should be used in place of rice/pasta-but I thought as long as the portions were right and they were complex carbs,it didnt matter what they were...

    i only use oils to stop veg sticking when oven cooking-this is just a drop. Protein shakes are made with water, so i dont get the extra cals from milk. Salad dressings would only be balsamic vinegar if anything.

    i have the book but am more of a scan reader so must have missed the 3x cardio but am changing my routine now!

    thank you so much x

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • Yes you can use rice & pasta, but actual servings sizes should be weighed vs fist method in my opinion.  You'll be shocked if you weight it dry and cook, then see how much an actual serving size is!  

    Sounds like everything else is on point!  With the adjustments and additional workout that was missing, you will be seeing changes in no time!  Can I challenge you with something?  Stay off the scale for three weeks.  Yup, THREE weeks.  Focus more on your reflections (because I know you wrote them down, right!), and reading those to remind yourself of why you are doing this.  Read positive affirmations and them down in places you'll see them daily.  Then in three weeks, face the scale.  Know it is just a number.  Three weeks at a time!  You'll be happy you did.  And chances are, your mind will feel more free!  

  • Thank you.

    I re took my measurements after about 2 wks and I have lost a few cm off my stomach and tops of legs, quite a few off my bust (!!!), which I could feel. My clothes dont really feel any different and I have taken my 2nd set of pictures and I can see my extended stomach has gone down very slightly,but nothing else....

    and what did I want to do to 'celebrate' the loss??? EAT!!!!!!!

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • Congratulations on your progress MissyMaddieMoo - stick to the plan and you will feel the difference

  • Progress is progress...I gained cms in my early weeks!  How are things going now?  

  • well I have been off the plan for a week-no gym and not eating very clean. But I have began planning again and am going to jump back on the horse and continue...

    in the time I have had off I have felt my arm muscles disappearing and my stomach going out again :(

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • Let that be a reminder as to why you are doing the program and how you feel when you do it!  I loathe free day sometimes.  I always feel so icky, and the bad foods I eat mess with my mental state and getting back in the groove is a bit harder the next day, although I do fine and do it.  I notice it though.  Sugar is evil!

    Glad you are back!  I sawy our Q on the other thread about instagram.  I'm not a member there, but I am on which has a health and fitness section that is awesome!  Be careful though, lots of food over there as well.  So stick to instagram if you think that would be a problem!  Some of my fav fitness inspirations: Jennifer Nicole Lee, Jamie Eason, Ava Cowan, Erin Stern, Lyzabeth Lopez, Amanda many!