DOWNER!!! 3rd wk,no results=binge :(

  • Hey guys

    Have had a bad day today

    Im on day 17 of the plan and have pretty done as the plan states- 6 clean meals a day,water,UBWO,LBWO and cardio x2 per week and one rest day where I eat what I want-but this hasnt been anywhere near the scale on what I used to eat prior to the plan.

    I dont feel any different in my clothes or how I look,my measurements and weight has not changed one bit. And im so surprised as I used to live on rubbish food,snacking all the time-high fat,low nutrients; so changing my diet to low fat,high nutrient,regular meals I would of thought I would lose some weight straight away, even if I am exercising and building muscle at the same time (and I barely moved at all prior to plan).

    So ive just thought-all the hard work and effort ive put in and nothing has come out of it-and im gonna look a right state on the beach in 6 wks. I really wanted to look and feel my best and for my husband to feel proud of me.

    So ive eaten a bit of junk today,gone a bit mad and I feel like poop :(

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • Hey!  I have been reading that most women do not really see much results until like the last month.  I can tell a slight difference in my arms and boobs.  I think that the arms is because I am on the 4th week of  the 100 push-up challenge. I also hold water weight, so when I flush it, you can tell some.

    Are you very far from a healthy weight?  The closer you are, the longer it will take to see results, as far as fat loss.

    SO.....look.. I have been a little lax since my last free day.  So, how about we support each other and starting tomorrow, we check in everyday?? I need to improve on my water and cardio has been a little lazy.

    I feel tighter, although I do not look that way, yet.  Does your body feel better?  I am not weighing or measuring myself because I will get all discouraged and say screw it.  This 3rd week has been hard for me too, as far as, I don't see any real progress.  I have made up my mind to keep going and not just drop it because I wasnt instant gratification.  That is my classic behavior and I have decided to make a lifestyle change.  Progress not Perfection.  I will stray from time to time but i must get right back on.

    And you are making progress! "6 clean meals a day,water,UBWO,LBWO and cardio x2 per week and one rest day where I eat what I want-but this hasnt been anywhere near the scale on what I used to eat prior to the plan."  That, is no small feat!

  • I am also going through the same thing.  It seems like the last time I did the challenge I lost the weight quicker- but I also had one child, now I have 3 and it's easier to "cheat"....

    I agree with maleficent39, how does your body FEEL?  every day I get on the scale (I know you aren't supposed to... but I do and the number on there doesn't seem to budge!  I feel sore every day so I keep telling myself that it's muscle weight, but then I try on my "skinny day jeans" and they still don't fit- BUT, I can zip them, whereas I could only zip them half way up last time.  Who would have thought a few metal links would matter so much to me?? lol.

    Look for any change- any at all and run with it!  Make it bigger than life and it will keep you motivated.

    Sometimes I see my husband pigging out on pizza and etc... and I wish I could just give up and join him because I'm not seeing the results I want to anyways, but-  If I give up, I will see a difference- not the god kind.  Ill gain weight, lose the muscle I worked hard for... and where will that get me?  Atleast with BFL you are going somewhere.... as slow as the trip is, you are moving, and the results will speed up if you stick with it!

    Sorry.  Long response, but I know what your going through.  ;)  

  • thanks for your responses :)

    I havent noticed any differences-even clothes fitting differently-so it kind of feels like its for nothing.

    I would like to lose about 1 - 1 1/2 stones, well weight doent matter that much to me-Id just like to fit in clothes I wore a year or 2 years ago and not the clothes that my mum would be seen in!!!! I want the flab from my mid area to go most of all-thats where I seem to store most of my fat.

    Checking in would be great, the other thread that I set up 3 weeks ago seems to have run its course!

    I wonder what results those who have completed the challenge had when they were at wk3?

    Seems I need constant reassurance that what im doing is the right thing!!!!

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • First of all, the program works, so stick with it.  You can do this.

     I noticed that you're only doing cardio twice a week.  You should follow the program as written - which is 3 strength workouts and 3 cardio workouts each week.  Make sure your portion sizes are by the book.  Eating clean is very important, but proper portion sizes are also very important.  Make sure you push for your 10's on every workout.  Working out is great, but it's the intensity that makes big changes happen.

    Best of luck.

  • ah i think i have misread something somewhere then! i will change that as of tomorrow.

    portion sizes are carbs and protein the size of my fist/palm and added veg/fruit-6 meals a day. I am actually eating off my children's plates now!

    my weights have gone up through the weeks-pound by pound!

    Had another off day yesterday, the craving for sugar and the texture of chocolate is getting the best of me-and im surprised its now and not the first week.

    thanks for your input-please keep it coming. Hearing from 'real' people is really helpful!

    Have a good day all!

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • I was reading through this and thought of you, MMM.  I noticed after I read about portion sizes that my portions were off.  I read the labels of everything I was eating- sure enough, I was doubling my cottage cheese portions without realizing it, and also my bread, oatmeal and greek yogurt portions.  I've learned we need to be very careful and read the portion sizes to make sure we are only getting around 12-14 g's of protein/ carbs and not more.  

    Also, with the last challenge I did, I noticed my progress slowed when I ate more potatoes and bread (though the book says it's okay to eat them)- just a heads up to eat them in moderation.  Instead, eat less starchy carbs like steamed asparagus, apples and oranges.  That might also make a difference.  Lastly, make sure you are getting enough greens (salads!) and water.  If you aren't drinking enough water, your body isn't hydrating properly and will hold onto water weight which could actually make quite a difference.  

    Keep going and hang in there!  

  • Thank you all!

    My weight has been up and down this weekend-so that means so have I!!!! wk3 measurements still havent changed from week 1 :(

    I will re-read the diet info and try to re-up the water again and have a clean 6 days!

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • My metabolism is sooooo slooooow.  I lost 30 pounds 23 years ago...and it took me a YEAR to do it!!  I am now 46 and I am one to feel discouraged by the lack of results as well.  

    Like you...I'm not that concerned with the number on the scale as much as I want to SEE results.

    I am on Day 9.  Let's hang in there together, okay?

  • Ladies, first off you are all Beautiful!

    We all spend years treating our bodies like crap and a short 12 weeks seems like an eternity. The mere fact you are planing your meals, doing the workouts and made it week to 3 is TOTAL progress!!! You are doing great so why not concentrate on the things that have to be done and the progress that you have made through your efforts instead of results at week 3. By not continuing or not giving it every effort to reach your 10's and meal plans is the only way you would not see results at week 12.

    Get mad, get determined and don't let ANYTHING stand in the way of your goals. You are the only one that can do this for YOU. Every one of you can do this in 12 weeks, not 3!!! When you look back on this it will seem like it flew by. If you quit or don't give it your all, just think by the end of July you will be saying, as slapping hand on forehead, I could have been done by now.

    You are doing fine, fight for it!



  • MissyMaddie~

    Could you post what you are eating so we can see if we can help?  

    Like Dave said, the cardio is 3x/wk.  Are you pushing hard enough?  Don't give up!  You body is changing...but the scale probably isn't reflecting that.  I suggest staying off the scale for a couple weeks so it doesn't mess with you mentally!  

  • An example of a days food would be

    1 - porridge w/milk and prunes

    2- cottage cheese & lowfat greek yogurt mixed,with strawberries or kiwi

    3-salmon,brown rice and salad

    4-protein shake

    5-chicken,brown pasta,roasted veg

    6-eggy bread (2xwm bread, 1 whole egg and white,mixed with some icing sugar)

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • Missy,

     Meal 1 looks like it might be a little short on protein, not positive though without seeing labels or portions.  I would personally avoid the eggy bread - particularly the icing sugar.  Another protein shake for meal 6 or something along the lines of what you had for meal 2 and you're looking really good.

    Keep going, you can do it!

  • Thanks for your input-just thinking of how I can up the protein with the porridge,as I don't want to be eatting cottage cheese and yogurt for most of my meals!

    Will try and cut the icing sugar out-but this will be hard as it quells my sugar craving a little!

    Felt quite good today,felt slim and good at the gym,but when I actually looked at myself naked in the mirror when I got home,my stomach doesn't look any different. My arms do have definition when I tense,but anything else..... :(  this is week 4 I think.

    How is every one else getting on?

    ''You've gotta go there to come back''

  • Might try a scoop of protein powder on your porridge!