Anyone starting 5/20?

  • Hi! I'm starting tomorrow as well. I am already not off to a great start as I haven't gotten to go grocery shopping. However, my plan is to get groceries prior to going to work tomorrow! I'm 25 and sitting at a BMI of 29.8, just shy of obese. I had my second baby a little over 2 months ago and was in the obese range prior to this last pregnancy. I am below my pre-pregnancy weight now as I had done paleo diet for a month in april and lost 10 pounds. However, I want to be in the normal range for BMI for the first time in my life that I can remember!  I've written my 12 week goals and turning point and have before pictures. I am ready to commit to losing weight and being healthy!

    I've gone back and forth with having a free day during the 12 weeks, but I think it will help me stay on track the rest of the week. I am not going to go crazy though. If I eat out on my free day, I will still try to be health conscious and eat half a meal and share a dessert if I decide I need something sweet.

    If anyone uses fitness pal to track food/exercise you can look me up and friend me. My username is RNloser. :) Here we go!

  • I too have started today.  rough start though.  I am 49 yrs old and I too have done BFL several times through the years, but never finished one.. Now is the time to finish.  I have lost 60 pounds since last may and have about 20 more to go.  I mostly lost that weight by changing eating habits and walking some.  mostly changing eating habits..  

    Day 1- Well my day did not get off to a very good start.  I was supposed to meet some friends for an early morning walk, but yay spring allergies hit me hard this morning.  Add to that my dog and husband snoring like crazy.. so I switched to my daughters room.. She is only 8, but man what a bed hog!  SO I ended up sleeping in the recliner most of the night.  Waking up with a sore body and a banging headache did not make me want to walk with my friends at all... I took a nap after my daughter went to school and I feel better now.  I have 3 hours to now get my upper body workout in before I need to pick her up.  I am going to work a bit now and then do it in about an hour.  I do love the upper body workout the most actually so it will be easy to get it done today.  :)

    How did everyone else do today?  

  • I'm starting today as well....41 years old last week and 40 pounds to lose.  UG what a rude way to grow old :-)  

    I have tried this before but the ice cream was way more forgiving than the work outs.  So here I am and I am fully committed this time!  Looking forward to trudging through this will all of you!!!

  • Ethelee, you and I must be twins cause we have almost identical lives.  My daughter just turned 12 though!  Wow, that is amazing!  Congrats on the 60 pounds :)  We are right at the same amount to loose as well!

    Congrats to everybody else for starting.  I am like most of you with the past history of starting and stopping after 4 - 5 weeks and looking for the diet with a "quick fix" result.  No more.  I now finally realize that that mentality is a recipe for disaster and does not work!  Thank goodness I finally am able to wrap my lil brain around it :)  

    Doing well today as I messed up this weekend. 1 day ok (allowed) day 2 however, not ok...

    Have a great day everyone!


  • Hey, I also did BFL years ago, in 2001. My after pics are posted in my house, as I got awesome results!! they are my inspiration!

    Today went pretty well. I threw out unhealthy food over the weekend and went grocery shopping, too. Planning ahead is a must for success, I feel! Otherwise we get off track and there are excuses.  I would recommend that blender shake cup with the metal ball. great to mix the protein shakes! I am using the lean 15 vanilla protein and mint lean 15 bars. tastes great! can fidn at walmart. also trying the betagen. anyone fidn it helpful?

    I did measurements tonight and also ordered a skinfold caliper through, around $16.00 with shipping. I feel that body fat is best measured that way.

    any suggestions pass them along.! Also- follow the original BFL book by Bill Phillips! I bring it to the gym with me. The weight workout examples are great at showing how to do the workouts. Also, follow the plan as written for best results!

    Good Luck!!  

    I am 38 and getting married in Oct, so I need this challenge!  Like you I gained about 20 pounds! ugh.  and this is unacceptable for me. I am 5'1"  My normal weight is 115- 120!

    and I am also looking for encouragement and accountability here, so thanks everyone!!

  • How did everyone's first day go? I was a champ with the meal planning on all the meals but dinner planned and prepped and ready in the fridge, which was nice. Have the dinner meals planned and the ingredients bought, at least. Weight training went well. I found it difficult to know what a 6 versus 7 versus 8 feels like, but I sure new when I reached a ten! Just did the cardio for the day - glad that is over with.  I did it on the treadmill and found it very easy to scale - I just pushed the +.5 mph button at the end of each minute, not realizing that it meant I would end up jogging/running the whole time, no walking, but I did it!

  • I am turning 47 next week also!  I did the challenge 11 years ago as we'll and was my leanest self ever. Kept the weight off for over a year. I know the plan works so its time to give it another chance.

  • Hello everyone, I have officially begun my BFL challenge as of 5/20.  I am 49 yo due to be the big 50 in September. I have attempted this before but with little success with sticking with it past a few weeks. But it has been many years and I am smarter and look at life/challenge differently. I am looking forward to this community for support and accountability. My goal is to lose 20 lbs within this challenge but most importantly lose some of this fat as  I get stronger. I had kind of a trial run last week which helped prepare me better for this week. Looking forward ..

  • I gained 3 pounds (water weight I think) and cannot loose it :(  I hope to be my same weight by this Saturday as I was last week at least!


  • I hope everyone is doing well and sticking with it!