How do I know how much weight to lift at the beginning?

  • Today is my first day.  I am really afraid of lifting too much weight at the start.  I think I may start with lighter weights in week one in order to work on my form.  Any thoughts?  Is this a mistake?  Also, I need ideas on how to work out my back muscles without going to the gym... I have dumbbells and a bench.  I can do dumbbell rows, but need suggestions for a second back exercise...  Push ups?

  • That is not a mistake! You have a good plan, exacty what I would have suggested. If you can't do it with good form, don't do it. That's how people get hurt ALL the time. I have trouble with the back stuff too because my arms get sore before I feel it in my back muscles. Pushups are good for that.

    If you feel like the weight isn't bringing you to a 10 with 12 reps, I just keep doing reps until I hit the 10. It is the best way to go. I tried doing dumbbell curls with 20 lbs half way through and I couldn't do it with my arms totally still at my sides, I used momentum to bring the weight up. It was too much and it messed me up. For the next 2-3 weeks I couldn't even do 15 lbs with good form like before. So if its a burn when you do it slow that's good. If it hurts and you have to do it fast with momentum, that's bad.

  • Awesome idea on doing higher reps at the start...  I'm going to do that, at least for the first week.