May 13th 2013 Challenge!!!!

  • Happy week 2 everybody !!!!!!! Let do thisssssssssssssss!!!!!!

  • I know I'm still paying for pushing my lower body WO Monday. I'm still sore. I drank a high protein shake and had lots of water throughout the day, but it didn't seem to help much. Today's cardio was a tough one. Hoping the soreness wears off by Friday lol

  • I ate off plan last night.  Grrrr...  Did my workout, then negated it.

    Letting it go now.  I commit to eat on plan today and increase my intensity to repair any damage from yesterday!

  • Whoohoo! Super workout this morning, but man my forearms cannot keep up with my legs!  I really prefer free weights, but forearm weakness is causing me to feel like I'm not always hitting my highpoints!  Any suggestions?  PS, tried the Myoplex Muscle Recovery last night, choco, it was waaaaay better tasting than the Myoplex Lite(do they even make that anymore?)  However, I'm a little dissapointed at the 2:1 carb:protein ratio.  Myoplex Recovery shake and egg whites planned for my afternoon "snack!"

  • hey! i would think youre forearms will become stronger with time ;) i would personaly not go to using straps yet ! I use myoplex original chocolate 3 times a day to replace 3 meals.....makes eating so much easier :)

    how is everybody doing????? are you still onboard???

    my journey is amazing so far....dont think there is a whole lot of dramatic physical changes so far pants fits better already :) and my energy levels could not be any better!! I still did not smoke since the begging of the challenge....and belive it or not im not craving one bit :) Is it just me but i feel so much stronger mentally.....everythings seems possible all of a sudden :)

    the only question you have to ask yourself much are you willing to give to achieve what you want? (little positve quote of the day :P)

  • Thanks for the positive quote Max! I'm willing to give everything I have to be everything I can! 2 weeks till posting photos! Personally feeling stronger, how is everyone else doing?

  • Well, I took off a couple of days from working out (did not take off from the food plan).  Wish I wouldn't have, but I did.  I wasn't feeling well and it was easy...too talk myself out of it.  So, I jumped back in today.  Just finished kicking my own ass with some Kenpo and Ab Ripper!

    We are going out of town on Wednesday and I really cannot figure out what to do...make my "free day" while we are gone or stick to my schedule?  I am bringing my workout gear.  Every OUNCE of me is committed to working out at the hotel.  I plan to get up, go work out, have my breakfast and lay on the beach reading for the rest of the day!!  My husband will be working, so I'll have the days for just "me time", which I rarely get with a full-time job and 4 kids!!  SOOOO excited.  

    Anyway...I will stay in touch with y'all while I am gone.  Send me positive thoughts and help me stick to my discipline.

  • HI there.. Im all in.   Ive done many challenges in the past 10 or so years .. and always have best results with the BFL workouts and nutrition program.. I cant say Ive fallen off the wagon perse.. but I have not worked out regularly in about 2 years.. and for me.. this is key.. approaching 50th bday and I want to get my groove back.. Im ready.. thanks for support in this group.. look forward to all of the motivation..and maybe even motivating..

    Happy day.

  • Hi Everyone!  I'm not sure if you've been looking forward to posting 4 week progress photos, but I sure have, it's been a definete incentive over the past 28 days!  I'm feeling stronger and learning a lot- about myself, about my many strengths and my hope to strengthen weaknesses I recognize in myself.  The past 4 weeks have not been perfect on my end, but I'm soaking up the process and living it!  I personally dont think my photos are spectacular, but the changes that I can feel and the ones that are not physical are what have me most excited.  For the numbers, however, according to my Accumeasure Body Fat Tracking Chart:

    Starting Weight: 162.4

    Fat Loss in 4 weeks: 5.71lbs

    Lean Body Mass gained in 4 weeks: 4.6 lbs


    I found a great deal on EAS Recovery Whey Protein and the taste is much better than the old myoplex shakes, so I've incorporated that into my eating for life routine.  I'll happily raise my Protein Shake glass to another 8 weeks of challenge, and, of course, to OUR SUCCESS!


  • Wow!  Congratulations, 30hereicome!  I can see the fruits of our efforts!  Hoorah!  Looking forward to week 12!